Snapchat goes after TikTok by adding music to snaps


Snapchat is finally bringing music to snaps – something TikTok is known for – with a new music feature called Sounds.

For many years, social media apps copied Snapchat. Just think about the “stories” format. Snap started that trend, and now everything from Instagram to YouTube offers a “stories” feature. But, lately, TikTok has been the new cool kid in town, with its ability to serve up an endless feed of viral music videos, and by giving users stuck at home during the pandemic creative ways to express themselves.

So it’s no surprise to see Snapchat is now copying TikTok. It is allowing users to add songs that will play with their posts. They can browse a selection of songs and add one to their snap, and when another user opens the snap, they can swipe up to learn more or stream the song in another music app. Snap began testing this feature in August. It’s now available now to all iPhone users (no yet on Android).

Unlike TikTok, however, there are only a handful of tracks available. But Snap says it has multi-year deals with labels in the works.

Snap is also working on another TikTok-like feature, coming in “months”, that will allow users to add their own audio to snaps.

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