‘Sniper Elite 4’ Challenges Guide: How To Finish Each Mission’s Optional Tasks

Sniper Elite 4 is finally available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, less than three years after its predecessor helped bridge the gap between the last and current generation of consoles. And we’re big fans of Rebellion’s latest take on the third-person stealth shooter. But we weren’t fans of the decision to reveal optional challenges for each Sniper Elite 4 mission only after the corresponding stage has been completed.

Rather than make you go through the same hassle — and replay the entire Sniper Elite 4 campaign if you’re interested in 100 percenting the game — we’ve listed all 40 of the optional challenges from the main story. You’ll still have to figure out how to complete the toughest tasks yourself, like navigating Abrunza Monastery without firing a gun or delivering a fresh dead body ever two minutes in Bitanti Village. But knowing is half the battle, right?

Here are all 40 optional challenges from the campaign:

San Celini Island


  • Get at least 10 foliage takedowns

SMG Supremacy

  • Kill 50 or more enemies with an SMG and complete the mission

No Pain, No Gain

  • Don’t use any Bandages or Health kits

Tripwire Terror

  • Kill all five officers with trip wires

Covert Assassin

  • Get 15 or more sound-masked kills

Bitanti Village

Evasive Manoeuvres

  • Spend less than three minutes in combat

Express Executioner

  • Kill an enemy every two minutes

Rifle Ripper

  • Rifle only. No other weapons or offensive items used.


  • Get over 2000 kill-score by killing enemies in the village. Shotgun only.

Softly Softly

  • Kill the Sniper with Greta in under five minutes

Regilino Viaduct

Perfect Ten

  • Kill fewer than 10 enemies

Infamous for 15 Minutes

  • Complete the level in under 15 minutes

Breath Easy

  • Don’t use Empty Lung


  • Destroy the additional ammo truck before it reaches its destination

Covert Retrieval

  • Retrieve the film canister from the pilot’s body without killing any enemies guarding the church

Lorino Dockyard

Fleet of Foot

  • 10 trap kills without triangulation

Speed Demon

  • Spend less than two minutes at a resting Heart Rate

No Tagging

  • Complete mission without tagging anyone with binoculars

Operation Inferno

  • Kill 10 enemies with a Panzerfaust

The Shadow

  • Complete level without blowing your cover

Abrunza Monastery

The Masked Avenger

  • Get 25 or more sound-masked kills

Shotgun Shenanigans

  • Kill 20 or more enemies with a shotgun and complete the mission

Melee Ace

  • Use Melee kills only to take out enemies

Kill the Radio

  • Neutralize the Radio Operators before they trigger any reinforcements

Divine Justice

  • Kill Capo and take his rosary inside the church

Magazzeno Facility

Stealth Fighter

  • Get at least 20 stealth kills


  • Complete the level in under 15 minutes

Vehicle Reprieve

  • Don’t destroy any vehicles

Finish the Job

  • Melee kill the sniper who survived a previous encounter with Karl in North Africa

Burn Your Boats

  • Destroy both MAS boats with one bullet

Giovi Fiorini Mansion

Minimal Casualties

  • Kill fewer than 10 enemies

Regular as Clockwork

  • Kill an enemy every two minutes

No Pistols

  • Don’t use pistols during the mission

Death from Afar

  • Kill Rothbauer without infiltrating the island

Convoy Chaos

  • Destroy all convoy trucks at once

Allagra Fortress

Cranium Crusher

  • Get 20 head shots with FG42

Pressure Cooker

  • Destroy the three Hydrogen Peroxide plant valves in under 5 minutes

No Manual Reloading

  • Complete mission without manual reloading


  • Spend less than two minutes at a resting Heart Rate

The Sound and the Fury

  • Get 25 or more sound-masked kills


Sniper Elite 4 is currently available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.



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