Softmaker FreeOffice gets Anniversary Update with improved Office 2019 compatibility

Softmaker FreeOffice gets Anniversary Update with improved Office 2019 compatibility

FREEWARE PRODUCTIVITY SUITE Softmaker FreeOffice is celebrating its birthday with an Anniversary Update.

Back in April, the paid version spawned a similar update, marking 30 years of German developer Softmaker, with many of the new features now dripping down into the free version.

The Microsoft Office alternative is available for Windows, Mac and Linux and offers a basic package for people who don’t need too many whistles and bells from their apps – TextMaker (Word), PlanMaker (Excel) and Presentations (Powerpoint).

One of the highlights of the new edition is improved compatibility, which sees it effortlessly handle documents designed for/with Office 2019.

You can flip between an old skool style layout or a more modern ‘ribbon’ UI, all flanked with new features, design enhancements and keyboard shortcuts. Also added are Truetype font support and drag and drop support for Apple Photos.

Textmaker gets a database module and the ability to print portions of a page by highlighting. Planmaker has some new tweaks, most notably the ability to add a column or row to the left/right of the active cells.

Presentations has the least to brag about, but support for multiple ‘list’ columns of text is certainly a goodie for giving your slideshow even more impact.

The full version of SoftMaker Office has a whole bunch of equivalencies to Microsoft Office, but for basic functions, there’s not many reasons to argue with this basic offering, which is still full of features – though, at present, the lack of ODF support remains a worry.

An enterprise edition is also available, as well as the free and paid versions. All paid editions are available for a one-off fee or via a Microsoft style subscription. There’s also a discounted edition for schools.

If you fancy some free software with an Anniversary twist, you can download SoftMaker Freeoffice anniversary Edition from this link.

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