Some Galaxy S21 users in Europe report issues with Samsung Pay and software updates

Early Galaxy S21 series buyers in the U.S. and Europe started receiving their devices last week, and some users in the U.K. and Italy are facing issues with Samsung Pay and software updates on their new phones. According to reports, some users are not able to use Samsung Pay on their devices, and they haven’t received any of the software updates that rolled out over the last week.

While Samsung is yet to release a statement on the matter, it seems like the issue stems from the affected devices having the wrong software region set up. For the unaware, Samsung toggles certain features on a regional basis by setting the CSC. In the UK, some users report that their CSC is set to EUX (European Union) rather than BTU. Due to this, they’re not able to use Samsung Pay in the country or receive OTA updates.

As of now, it isn’t exactly clear what triggered the wrong CSC to be set up on the affected Galaxy S21 devices, but some speculate that it happened because they set up their phone without inserting their SIM card during setup. A few users in Italy have also reported having the wrong CSC set up on their devices, and according to a report from HDBlog, Samsung has started rolling out a fix in the region.

Our tipster, James Bennett (@JBennett360 on Twitter), reports that he also received a similar carrier services update in the UK to set the CSC to BTU. After receiving the update, he was able to download OTA updates and use Samsung Pay. This leads us to believe that Samsung is already on top of the issue and is rolling out updates to affected Galaxy devices to set up the correct CSC for their region. In case you’re facing a similar issue and haven’t received a carrier services update so far, you can try the steps outlined in this post to see if it corrects the CSC.

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