Sony continues insults against Microsoft in wake of PlayStation’s E3 2017 loss

Update: Detroit: Become Human’s account deleted the tweet after severe backlash from gamers and other personalities. Luckily, we took a screenshot. Just because you delete it on Twitter doesn’t mean it’ll magically go away.

Over the past week, Sony’s Jim Ryan has made rather bizarre and disturbing statements against Microsoft. He started off by saying that backward compatibility wasn’t used, which turned out to be quite embarrassing for him considering that almost 50% of Xbox One owners have played a backward compatible game and Xbox 360 games have been played on Xbox One for over 500 million hours. He then went on to say that Minecraft on Xbox Live wasn’t safe and ignored the child abuse which took place on PlayStation’s The Playroom. He then insulted indie developers by basically calling them irrelevant just because Microsoft showcased a lot of their creations during their E3 briefing. I’m sure I’m forgetting many other incidents. Well, it seems like Sony is at it again. Luckily, this time it isn’t coming from Jim Ryan’s mouth.

Today, Detroit: Become Human’s developers insulted Xbox One owners by basically implying that their mediocre experiences are a reason to lament that you own Microsoft’s console. I suppose when your game fails to generated any hype from E3 you have to insult the competition to get hits. The Twitter account has just over 1,000 followers. Let me remind you, Quantic Dream’s Beyond: Two Souls received mediocre reviews and was criticized for being a quick time event-filled experience.

It seems that just when you think Sony couldn’t stoop any lower they do. Has Microsoft’s E3 briefing rattled the organization so much that they just can’t stop talking about the Xbox One? Many people don’t even know that Detroit: Become Human exists. Plus, those who do know don’t care because it’s basically an interactive film. I suppose Jim Ryan isn’t the top fool at Sony. Seems like Quantic Dream have stolen that position from him.