Sony’s Stunning A1E – 77″ OLED 4K HDR TV Is Now Available For Pre-order


Sony will be launching and expanding its flagship A1E series with the larger 77″ OLED TV model this summer, and it will be the second most expensive television from Sony at the moment (the company’s most expensive TV right now is the monstrous 100-inch Z9D, at US$ 60,000).

Sony.com recently added its brand new Sony A1E 77” Class to its A1E TV section. It is the largest and –evidently– the priciest of the BRAVIA A1E series. The other A1E models consist of two 55 and 65-inch OLED screens.

Just like the rest of the A1Es, which we compare with other OLED models from LG here, it is a state of the art OLED 4K HDR model that features a razor-sharp 2160p 4K Ultra HD TV with High Dynamic Range (HDR, HDR10 and Dolby Vision, which will be included in a firmware update), Android TV OS, and the OLED technology that allows this BRAVIA TV respond rapidly to 4K or other video for the sake of smooth motion handling and nearly perfect black levels and pixel-level brightness. Basically, and make no mistake about it, the A1E from Sony is about as fantastically good a 4K HDR TV as you can expect to get when a top-shelf manufacturer like Sony works with OLED display technology, which is itself far ahead of LCD/LED display in certain important ways.


The 77″ Class A1E OLED has a refresh rate of 120 Hz. It also features 4 HDMI inputs, built-in Wi-Fi, over 8 million pixels individually controlled by the X1 Extreme processor and Sony’s TRILUMINOS display to display extra colors and extra brilliance.

If you are already familiar with Sony’s A1Es series you know that they come with a built-in ‘Acoustic Surface’ tech, which can emit sound from the screen itself. The result is a unique stand-less form factor with no distraction from the picture that provides a very different entertainment atmosphere

If you have been waiting to get the OLED 77-inch screen, it is now available for pre-order at Amazon.com for a shipping/release date of July 25th. Ah and so for its price, well as you probably expected it’s far, far from what you’d call affordable by most standards. The stunning and huge 77 inch model is retailing for $20,000.

Story by 4k.com