SPC Gear GK630K: feature-packed tenkeyless keyboards with regional layouts

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SPC Gear, the gaming label of the European manufacturer SilentiumPC, presents a brand new series of tenkeyless Gaming keyboards with different regional layouts and many must-have features. The new GK630K lineup is based on the newly developed compact mechanical keyboard design without a numeric pad. In order to meet the high demands of ambitious gamers, SPC Gear is offering the GK630K in variants with red, blue and brown Kailh switches. Thanks to these options, users are able to choose between linear or tactile characteristics and between strong or moderate click-feedback. All the SPC Gear GK630K models feature full-fledged RGB illumination with various options using the designated SPC Gear software and offer great quality as well as stability thanks to the slick chassis with aluminum top cover. For the first time in SPC Gear’s history, the brand is rolling out models not just with a US keyboard layout, but also models with country-specific layouts, in order to deliver the best possible user experience for gamers from Nordic countries, Germany, the Czech Republic and Hungary.

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Slick and durable
The new GK630K keyboards from SPC Gear combine a slick design with improved durability. This has been achieved by applying aluminum reinforcement on top of the chassis, resulting in boosted overall stiffness and improved comfort of use even during long sessions. Another advantage of the aluminum surface is its resistance, offering protection against damage and extending the keyboard’s lifespan. The appealing design of the GK630K features an embossed logo on top and the red accents with the logo on the right side. The bottom side is covered with unique aesthetic patterns.

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Kailh red, brown or blue switches
The individual user experience with a keyboard is strongly influenced by the switches that are used in the particular model. Eachkey stroke is defined by the force, travel and feedback of the given switch. Each user has their own preference when it comes to how a good keyboard has to feel like and how it should react to each interaction. SPC Gear is offering the GK630K with three different switches, to deliver the right combination for each gamer.

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With the Kailh Red mechanical switches, a small amount of pressure is enough to activate the switch, which is perfect for online competitive games such as FPS or Battle Royales. Thanks to their extremely quiet operation, the Kailh Red switches are less audible.

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The Kailh Brown mechanical switches, on the other hand, are characterized by balanced operation, which makes them perfect for both games and everyday use. A huge advantage in games is the short travel until to activate the keys. The Kailh Brown switches are also quiet and tactile.

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Kailh Blue mechanical switches are the perfect solution for users who type a lot on the keyboard. Their loud, characteristic click is great feedback and confirmation of a keystroke. Each keypress is accompanied by a high-pitched clicking noise and a perceptible key jump. The switch is activated when pressed halfway, which ensures high comfort both while gaming and typing.

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Colourful illumination
State of the art multicoloured RGB backlight allows for the customized appearance of the keyboard and may be used to highlight individual layouts. The SPC Gear GK630K comes with 18 predefined lighting effects, which include static single-colour effects, changing colors as well as keystroke-activated backlight effects. The SPC GEAR software extends this feature palette by allowing the users to customize each effect and modify them in various ways.

N-Key Rollover
SPC Gear equipped the GK630K keyboard with the N-Key Rollover feature, offering full anti-ghosting capabilities. This feature assures that no matter how many keys are pressed at once, each of them will be read by the computer correctly. This is of great importance in games that require complex commands involving many keys pressed simultaneously.

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The compact tenkeyless format is characterized by the missing numeric pad. SPC Gear utilized the design and added some customization capabilities to the GK630K. Double feet allow for positioning of the keyboard in three different heights, according to the user’s preference. Yet another important customization feature is the detachable cable with the prepared channels on the bottom of the keyboard. Thanks to this, it is possible to arrange the cable in one of three positions as well as completely replace it when it is damaged or when a longer or shorter cable is needed. In addition to that, all keycaps may be removed using the supplied tool, which can be found underneath the keyboard.

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While the GK630K keyboards do not require any drivers and may be used out-of-the-box without the installation of the SPC Gear Software, the latter is recommended for users seeking further customization of the keyboard. The software allows the modification of the RGB lighting and the colours. These can also be arranged and managed in custom profiles. In addition, the advanced macro wizard allows quick creation of complicated commands, followed by an assignment to a single key.

The SPC Gear GK630K keyboards with the US layout are available as of today at online stores and retailers. The GK630K models with custom country-specific layouts will follow in the second week of November 2020.

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