Speed Up Email Search for Outlook and Gmail with Email Insight App

Email Insight is another Microsoft Garage Project that helps users do their emails related tasks easier. It’s going to speed up a very tedious task in Outlook that almost anyone struggles from time to time, searching through emails. It provides guided search in the form of superfast autocomplete, spell correct and fuzzy name search which means that users do not have to type out everything.

It’s a universal app made for Windows 10. Download it from the Store app and install it on your Windows 10 computer. When launched, it asks which email services you would like to use, Outlook or Gmail.

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Email Insights 1

Neither of the options requires any more configuration. Just select one and the app will figure out the rest as long as you have Outlook profile configured or a logged in Gmail session in your browser.


Whichever one you choose, the app will go through the email account and index everything in its own database for quick search access. The initial indexing process could take quite while to finish, depending on the size of your mailbox.

However, you can still perform the search during the indexing process. It’s just that you won’t get the complete result until the process is finished.

Type the keywords you want to search in the search box, and you will be prompted by some keyword phrases the app already found for you.

Email Insights search with popup

Note that the Pencil icon next to the search box is to open up the Outlook composing window directly for you. You can also click the + sign to open up a new search tab, which is another great feature to have within the app, performing several searches simultaneously instead of only one at a time.

Currently, Email Insight only supports Outlook and Gmail. While Gmail performs the search relatively good, having Email Insight to help your Outlook email search is definitely helpful.


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