Spotify On Xbox One: Microsoft Dashboard Screenshot Shows Music App

Spotify will soon be coming to Xbox One users. In a video from Microsoft’s Major Nelson, he previewed several upcoming features coming to Xbox One users. However, eagle-eyed reddit users were able to spot a brief glimpse of Spotify on the Xbox Dashboard.

The mention is available at around the nine-minute mark in the video below. In the screen capture, a “Spotify Music – for Xbox” can be seen on the side dashboard at the lower-left hand corner of the display. In addition, The Verge reported that Microsoft is indeed working on a dedicated Spotify app for Xbox One users.

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While no confirmation was yet available on a release date for the app, the news will likely be well-received by Xbox One users. Gamers have had alternatives if they wanted to stream music while playing on the Xbox One for a while — Microsoft has had its own Groove service and the console supports streaming from most third-party devices — but Spotify has been absent from the Xbox for a while. The service previously launched on Windows Store for Windows users earlier this year, but because it didn’t have Universal Windows App support, it wasn’t available to Xbox One users.

Among gamers, it’s also not the first time Spotify has headed to consoles. In 2015, the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 both received support for Spotify via dedicated console apps. Along with Apple Music, Spotify remains a dominant player in the streaming music market and has headed to platforms ranging from consoles to smart speakers.

For Xbox users, the Spotify app is expected to include basic features like album searching and playlist playback. As with other device-based Spotify apps, Spotify for Xbox is also expected to have support for remote playback from other devices, Windows Central reported. With this feature, users can queue up songs from the Spotify app on other devices like smartphones or tablets and play them back through the console.

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While Spotify’s move onto the Xbox isn’t the biggest update for the streaming service, the company is still coming off a strong year for its bottom line. Spotify recently confirmed it had surpassed 60 million Spotify Premium users and the streaming service is widely expected to go public either later this year or in early 2018.