Spotify’s Friends Mix doubles down on personalized playlists

Despite the demise of Spotify’s Car Thing, the company had an excellent second quarter. The music streaming service recently announced that it had grown its total subscriber count to 433 million, with 188 million premium subscribers. These kinds of numbers put it ahead of competitors like Apple and Amazon. In addition, the service has gained a massive following by constantly delivering new features and updates to keep itself ahead of the pack. Today, the streaming service has announced Friends Mix, a new way to listen to music that should be quite interesting and personal.

The new feature is the second collaborative playlist unveiled on the platform. Previously, the company introduced Blend. Blend allowed users to link together to create a customized playlist that updates daily. It takes this idea a step further by combining multiple Blends together and creating a new playlist. So you might ask yourself, how do I create a Friends Mix? Well, it isn’t something you create. Instead, it is something Spotify generates for you, so let’s see what requirements need to be fulfilled to accomplish this.

First, you need to create three Blend mixes. Once done, Spotify will automatically generate a new Friends Mix that should appear in the playlist section. If you’ve never created a Blend before, it’s easy. Head to the app search tab and type “Blend.” You’ll then be able to send an invite to a friend. Once your friend accepts the invitation, Spotify will create a shared playlist with music from both parties. The playlist will update depending on the music you and your friend are currently listening to. So, be sure to create three Blend mixes, and you will be able to unlock the Friends Mix. Like Blends, the Friends Mix will also update daily. Friends Mix and Blend are available to free and premium Spotify subscribers.

Source: Spotify

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