Spotify’s New AI Is a Personal DJ

Spotify Shuffle button.

Spotify has a massive library of music for streaming, but its strongest selling point might be how it recommends music. Now the service is upgrading that feature with a new AI-powered personal DJ.

AI is the latest tech trend everyone is excited about, like NFTs back in the day, and Spotify isn’t about to be left behind. The company is debuting a new AI DJ that will play you music based on your tastes and what it thinks you will like.

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The new feature is an extension of the company’s current recommendation algorithm, but with a twist. It has a dynamic AI-generated voice and it will play music you listen to constantly, classics, and music that you haven’t listened to but you might just like.

If you don’t like something, you can also do the virtual equivalent of walking up to the DJ and telling it to change it — just tap the DJ button and you’ll start listening to something else. Over time, and using your feedback, the AI will learn more about your tastes and deliver better music.

The AI DJ is currently available as a beta, and it’s rolling out now.

Source: Spotify