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Wine 3.14 Released with DXTn Texture Decompression Support

Wine, the open-source compatibility layer to allow Windows programs to run on Unix/Linux, reached 3.14 development release a day ago with new features and various bug-fixes. According to the announcement, Wine 3.14 features: Support for DXTn texture decompression. Deferral support for MSI install actions. Support for

What Is OXPS And XPS And How To Install

  OXPS And XPS Many of you might already know that when exporting a document in Windows you can often choose to save the file as a PDF or XPS file. такође, when saving online documents, they might automatically save in one of those two formats.

How To Insert Summary Information In Documents

  Summary Information Word keeps a summary of information for your documents. You can use this summary information, or you can ignore it. Some of the summary information is automatically stored for you, while other parts will need to be entered manually. One of the pieces

How To Manage Windows Driver Store

  Driver Store Microsoft introduced the Driver Store in Windows Vista. The Driver Store is a collection of trusted driver packages stored on your local drive. Each time you install a driver, the whole driver package gets copied to the Driver store. У овом тренутку, виндовс…

How to use Known Folder Move feature on OneDrive

  Windows offers some default folders where you can save your documents, слике, including the Desktop. Сада, its pretty common practice that we keep saving critical files and folders to these locations, but we never take backup. Као резултат, when something goes wrong like drives

Download Office 365 Offline Installer For Mac

  Microsoft Office is undoubtfully the best commercial productivity software out there for Windows operating system. In addition to Windows, Microsoft Office is available for macOS, иПхоне, and Android as well. If you have subscribed to Office 365 or purchased Office 2016 for your Mac computer,

Turn On Windows 10 NTFS Case Sensitivity

  Now that Windows 10 supports running several different Linux distros, Microsoft has added a flag to NTFS that forces the file system to recognize files and folders that are only different by case differently. In this Ask the Admin, I’ll show you how to enable

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