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Best games for Nintendo Switch

  The Switch game library is getting bigger all the time, but there are still some stellar standouts that win the Besties. Though the Nintendo Switch is still rare to find, more and more people are jumping on the bandwagon, especially now that more titles have

топ 10 Racing games for Xbox One

  Racing gameses have been around ever since PC gaming began. But never have they been so successful as they are in this age of consoles. Perhaps the reason is that joysticks and controllers have made it easier and more enjoyable to control cars and bikes

Најбоље бесплатне иПхоне игре 2017

  Looking for the best free iPhone games? You've come to the right place. У овом чланку ћемо заокружити 83 најбољи бесплатни иПхоне игрице за ваш Делецтатион, од пожара и спортских игара на загонетке и РПГова. Приликом разматрања бесплатне иПхоне игре, треба гледати…

15 Best Free Games like Candy Crush Saga

I bet you don’t need to be introduced to Candy Crush Saga. The levels, the beauty and colorful candies are always in your mind. The game that entered the market in 2006, is now on everyone’s mind. поштено, I used to play it while I was

Late Shift review

For those who view video games as an adjunct to cinema rather than an alternative, the rise and fall of the interactive movie in the mid-1990s was something of a befuddling mystery. For a moment, and from a particular angle, the cinematic Choose Your Own Adventure,

Best shooter games for iPhone and iPad

Ready, aim, fire! These great shooters will keep your iPhone and Pad smoking! Shooters are typically high octane fast-paced adrenaline-pumping games that are filled with explosions, acts of violence, and of course, lots of gunfire. They are among the most popular titles when it comes to

12 Steps To Building Your Own Gaming PC

Gaming first went mainstream with the rising popularity of the Nintendo Entertainment System. Then it was the Sega Mega Drive, later PC, PS2, кбок 360, and back to PC. Circling back to a PC is inevitable because consoles have always had a shelf life. графика, however,

Asus ROG Maximus IX Extreme Z270 motherboard announced

Asus Republic of Games (ROG) has launched a new top end Intel Z270 Extended ATX gaming motherboard. The Asus ROG Maximus IX Extreme has all the features you might expect, such as Aura Sync illumination, exceptional audio, multiple safeguards, and the latest connectivity options. Међутим, Asus