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Како да пређете на Линук Минт 19 (У 4 Једноставних корака)

Прошле недеље нови стабилно издање Линук Минт 19 Маде постала доступна за преузимање, дајући свима који га желе прилику да га инсталирате. Али, шта ако желите надоградњу на Линук Минт 19 из претходне верзије уместо ради свежу инсталацију? Не…

ЛинукМинт 19 "Tara" final is out

The Linux Mint team has released Linux Mint 19 final, codename Tara, in the desktop environment flavors Cinnamon, Mate, and Xfce. Linux Mint users who run Linux Mint 18.3 or a beta version of Linux Mint 19 will be able to upgrade to the new version

Fix Missing stdio.h in Linux Mint

When I'm using Linux Mint 18.1 Serena, I realized that gcc compiler can not find stdio.h header for C programming language. Apparently, this is because Linux Mint does not ship with libc6-dev package, the package that contains .h header files (including stdio.h) for C programming language.

Fedora upgrade - Does this work?

The idea of upgrading your operating system from one version to another is an interesting one. It implies you will be changing your software without changing your hardware. This is true for short-lived operating systems the likes of Fedora, service packs for long-lived distributions like CentOS,

Differences Between Linux and Windows Hosting

  In this post, we will explain the key differences between Windows and Linux VPS hosting packages. However we will point out in advance, since we are a Linux-based company, the accent will be put on the Linux hosting services. Although both Linux and Windows each

How To Create GNU/Linux Bootable USB Drive

This tutorial explains steps about creating bootable USB drive of GNU/Linux distribution with UNetbootin or Rufus program. A GNU/Linux bootable drive is just like a DVD to boot and install Windows in your computer, except it is used to install GNU/Linux system. By using this article

How To Install Linux Mint 18 KDE Edition

This tutorial guides you to install Linux Mint 18 KDE Edition operating system. It assumes the readers are completely new to GNU/Linux, and would install it into external hard disk drive. Installation process needs about 20 minutes or less in almost every desktop/laptop computer. ЛинукМинт…

How to install Snap in Fedora24

  Snappy Package Manager Snappy package manager is a transnational package manager. Originally it was built for Ubuntu Operating system, But now it available for all major Linux distros(Fedora, ЛинукМинт, РХЕЛ, Opensuse etc.). Snap Packages are Universal Linux packages,Unlike Rpm and Debian packages the single

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