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кубунту 17.04 Zesty Zorro - Vigorous

  I'm listening to Brahms and writing this review. A good start. Indeed, this distro testing season has had a very reasonable and promising beginning. Прво, убунту 17.04 behaved very nicely, redeeming itself somewhat and infusing hope into a bleak, Dystopian landscape of open-source code. Then,

Gimp 2.8.22 Released – Install Gimp On Ubuntu 17.04

Гимп 2.8.22 ослобођен. Install GIMP on Linux Ubuntu Systems. Гимп 2.8.22 comes with an improved drawing performance in single window mode, especially with pixmap themes. It now prevent a crash in PDF plug-in if images or resolution are large. It brings various fixes related to plug-ins,

Елитегроуп уводи излог потпуно нове мини-ПК ЛИВА А породица серије производа на Цомпутек 2017

ЕЦС је драго да се уведе нову генерацију ЛИВА З породице, који може да обезбеди низ алл-роунд разноврснија избор за мини ПЦ ентузијасте. Ми се стално тежи ка савршенству све време и у тежњи ка савршенству у иновацијама, ефикасност и дизајн производа.…

AMD Radeon RX 580/ RX 570 преглед

AMD call it Polaris refined, but to all intents and purposes, RX 570 and RX 580 are indeed upclocked versions of their predecessors. There's the same complement of 32 и 36 compute units respectively, power efficiency is diminished in the quest for higher frequencies and by

LG OLED B6 4K TV review

  What is the best 4K screen for gaming? In terms of performance for the price, the Samsung KS7000 and KS8000 are difficult to beat, but as good as they are, there are compromises. у међувремену, in the background, LG's phenomenal B6 OLED TV has gradually dropped

COLORFUL Introduces iGame GTX 1080 X-TOP-8G Advanced

Powerful iGame GTX 1080 graphics card for the ultimate gaming experience Colorful Technology Company Limited, announces it latest addition to the iGame family of graphics cards with the powerful iGameGTX1080 X-TOP-8G graphics card that is sure to deliver everything gamers ever wanted. Featuring Colorful’s unique, in-house