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What's New in Deepin File Manager 1.4

Deepin File Manager (DFM) reached version 1.4 at March 2017. Its a bugfix version, but very interesting as it brings many new features. The most noticeable changes are Settings dialog, new disk-space display, new "Format" option on disk storage, and new copying dialog. It's smoother now

NET Framework 4.7 Offline and Online installer

Microsoft has released the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7, a new version of the company's popular framework for Windows 7, 8.1 и 10, and all Windows Server versions starting with Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1. Please note that the .NET Framework 4.7 is already part of the

How To Use Microsoft To-Do On Windows 7

  It’s been close to a week since Microsoft released To-Do app for Windows 10, iPhone and Android. For the uninitiated, To-Do is a free task management app from Microsoft. Microsoft To-Do app is being developed by the team behind Wunderlist which Microsoft acquired back in

Upgrade LibreOffice to 5.3 from Flatpak Package

LibreOffce 5.3 released at 1 фебруар 2017. The 5.3 is the feature-rich and also record-breaking LibreOffice ever. The 5.3 brings the "Ribbon UI", the long awaited feature of many LibreOffice users. But how if you want to install the 5.3 without removing the current version from

Samsung Internet browser for Android

Samsung Internet is a new web browser for Google Android devices that Samsung released as a beta preview version today to the Google Play store. You can download and install the web browser on Android devices running version 5.0 or higher. The browser is not limited

ЛонгоМатцх опен-соурце видео анализа алат

ЛонгоМатцх је унакрсно платформа спорт Видео програм за анализу отвореног кода који подржава пост-снимање анализу у реалном времену и. Опен соурце верзија ЛонгоМатцх је доступан за Виндовс, Мац ОС Кс и разне Линус дистрибуције. То захтева да преузмете и инсталирате кодек пакет, као и, као…

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