Stadia Controller now compatible with USB-C headsets


Google has finally activated USB-C accessory support on its Stadia Controller. You can now use USB-C headphones and headsets plugged into the controller.

This adds to the existing support for headsets plugged into via the 3.5mm jack.

However, there is still no Bluetooth support for headsets when playing through Chromecast Ultra (unless your TV itself supports Bluetooth headphone connectivity).

USB-C accessory support has been promised since summer 2019, but it’s arrival is better late than never.

The feature was announced alongside a reminder that a stack of new games are coming to the platform, including Hitman 3, and that this month’s six free games for Stadia Pro members are available now.

Google is giving Stadia a big push this month, with a section during the launch of the Pixel 5 dedicated to illustrating how well it can work over a 5G connection. There was a reminder too that a demo of Ubisoft’s Immortals Fenyx Rising will be available on Stadia exclusively soon.

This all comes as a new rival to the cloud gaming service has arrived in the form of Amazon Luna. However, that is only available in invited early access and in the US at present, so Stadia has time to set its stall before it arrives in full.

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