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‘Star Wars: Battlefront’ New Patch Updates Rogue One: Scarif Maps, Fixes Lighting And UI Issues

DICE and Electronic Arts are finally rolling out the January 2017 patch for their action shooter video game “Star Wars Battlefront.” The patch is available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC versions of the game, and it comes with improvements and fixes that enhance the overall gaming experience.

The brand new patch brings a minor art update on the Rogue One: Scarif maps. It also fixes various UI issues and lighting problems, as first reported by DSOGaming. Issues with the Weapons, Star Cards and Heroes are also addressed by the game’s first patch for this year.

When it comes to Game Modes, the patch has fixes for several issues found on Walker Assault, Infiltration and others. On Walker Assault, players will notice the adjusted Hero spawn points on Rogue One: Scraif maps. It is also obvious that AT-AT health and speed have been adjusted across all maps and on Twilight on Hoth, respectively. On Infiltration, the issue that disables players from grabbing another Data Tape after using the Jump Pack is fixed. There are also positive changes on Hero Hunt, Heroes vs. Villains, Battle Station and Private Match.

The developers also ensured that Weapons & Star Cards issues are addressed in this new patch. For instance, the Sonic Imploder’s blast radius has been adjusted to 4 meters from 2 meters. Its explosion damage has also been increased to 100 from 90. As for the TIE Striker, its raised projectile speed jumped to 1000 meters/second from 800 meters/second. Its explosion damage also doubled from just 5.

There are changes on the Heroes of “Star Wars Battlefront” as well. For Bossk, the inner radius of the Microgrenades has shrunk from 3 meters to 2.5 meters, while the radius has been adjusted to 4 meters from 5 meters. Chewbacca’s Roar recharge time has been increased to 35 seconds from 28 seconds, while his projectile explosion damage has diminished to 38 from 45. Other changes are present in Darth Vader, Leia, Krennic, Luke, Jyn, Lando, Greedo and Boba Fett.

The new “Star Wars Battlefront” patch is set to auto-download from Origin. It weighs in at 2.44 GB, so players should make enough room for the update prior installation. For a more detailed look at the changes this new patch brings, click here.


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