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‘Star Wars: Force Arena’ Balance Update Released – Patch Notes & New Packs Revealed

Star Wars: Force Arena just released a new balance patch. The full patch notes from Netmarble get a little chatty, but we’ve broken them down to their most interesting bits. There are new card packs for sale as well.

The balance patch can be downloaded by launching the game. It will not download as a standard app update. Here’s what’s included:

Better Matchmaking: It should be faster and more accurate.
Rebel Alliance Starting Deck Nerfed: Empire deck gets Probe Droid instead of Rocket Stormtrooper, Wookie Warrior replaced by Talz Marauders.
MTV-7 Light Vehicle Health Buff: HP increased by five percent. This offers more low-tier options with high health.
Tie Fighter Attack Nerf: Attack power against Leader and squad is now 195 as opposed to 260. Attack against buildings drops from 104 to 78. On the flipside, It costs one fewer energy to spawn. The Tie Fighter is now more similar to the X-Wing.
Gigoran Rebel Nerf: HP decreased from 642 to 482, attack range decreased from 8.5 to 7.5 and the card now takes 1 second to change targets.
Director Orson Krennic Buff: Attack range increased from 6.5 to 7, attack speed decreased from 0.76 seconds to 7 seconds and skill cooldown is now 22 seconds instead of 25. These changes allow his special ability to be more useful.
Emperor Palpatine Buff: His special ability now lasts 18 seconds instead of 15, his ability’s attack power buff is now 15 percent instead of 14 and his skill cooldown is 32 seconds instead of 36 seconds.
Jyn Erso Buff: Gets a skill power buff of 75 percent to encourage more players to try her.
Captain Cassian Andor Nerf: Attack range decreased by two points and animation delay decreased by 30 percent. Attack power against squad dropped by 14 points and attack power against buildings decreased by 12 points.

In addition to these Leader tweaks, Star Wars: Force Arena has introduced a new set of tiered Platinum Packs based on the Rebels and Empire. The pack that appears in the store will match your rank. They can only be purchased once per tier and per side.

Tier 4 Platinum Pack (Empire And Rebel): 1,100 Crystals
Tier 5 Platinum Pack (Empire And Rebel): 1,150 Crystals
Tier 6 Platinum Pack (Empire And Rebel): 1,240 Crystals

No date is listed as to when these special packs will be replaced.

Star Wars: Force Arena is available now on iOS and Android. Be sure to check out our tips for beginners and best Leaders guides if you need any help.
What do you think of the balance changes in the first big update? Do they make Star Wars: Force Arena better? Tell us in the comments section!


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