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You should start saving candies for Pokémon Go’s Gen II additions


Start saving your Pokémon Go candy now! Gen II ‘mons are on their way and they need to eat to evolve.

Lately, there has been a lot of talk about Pokémon Go getting as many as 100 new, second-generation pocket monsters in an update. Coding was found in the latest version relating to Pokémon in the Pokedex for 152 through 251.

When they finally arrive, most of the new character types will be new to the game. But, some of them will be evolutions of currently existing Pokémon. That means, you’ll have to get back on the candy-saving regimen
if you want to turn your Slowpoke into a Slowking.

The Silph Road, the best place to find out about everything relating to Pokémon Go, released a list of second-generation ‘mons that fit into the evolution tree of current creatures. So, if you thought you didn’t need to worry about candies for Onix, think again. You’ll need to feed it if you want it to grow up into a Steelix!

Silph road notes that there are also pre-evolution and split-evolution Pokémon on the horizon. For example, Pikachu is not the first evolution of its type. It starts off as a Pichu. The multi-faceted Eevee can evolve into two additional creatures; Umbreon and Espeon.

From Silph Road:

New Evolutions and Split Evolutions are the ones you’ll really want to be saving candy for. Pre-evolutions are often left out of responses to the Gen II questions, but they may be very important. Their addition may increase the max CP of their evolutions, and it’s possible that they may introduce new moves that make evolving from a new pre-evolution preferable to the evolved forms that you may already have. Either way, stock up on candy for their families as well.

There are a lot of candy-saving possibilities to take into consideration when you are catching and hatching Pokémon, so don’t turn your back on that Zubat just because you have already caught a few dozen of them. Their candy will be very useful when you want to evolve your Golbat into a Crobat.

Which Gen II Pokémon are you most excited about catching in Pokémon Go? Me personally? Pichu. I love that electric little fuzzball.


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