StarTech launches SDMSDRWU3AC card reader with both USB-C and USB-A connectors

Having an SD card reader on a laptop nowadays is nice, but hardly necessary. After all, thanks to the cloud, consumers can easily transport files via the internet. As many photographers and videographers will yell you, however, the cloud is not always a viable solution for them — working with local storage cards can be a must. The problem, you see, is that many creative people use macOS and the latest MacBook Pro laptops do not have such a card reader. What is the owner of Apple’s latest laptop to do?

Just buy an adapter, of course! There are many USB-C card readers on the market that will work on macOS, Windows, and Linux. If you work on multiple machines, however, and some of those computers do not have USB-C, you will unfortunately have to buy a second dongle, right? Actually, no. Thanks to products such as StartTech’s latest offering (SDMSDRWU3AC), which is a card reader that supports both USB-C and USB-A, you can use one adapter across all of your computers.

There are really only two card formats that matter nowadays — SD and micro SD. Guess what? This adapter can read both. There are two slots — one for each card type — meaning you wont need a micro-to-full SD converter. If your Android phone uses micro SD, for instance, and your dedicated camera uses full SD, you will be golden.

Juliet Wei, Senior Product Manager, StarTech explains, “This card reader and writer features both USB-A and USB-C connectivity, providing access to photos, videos, and other files from SD and microSD cards using the latest smartphones, tablets, laptops, Ultrabook or Chromebook laptops. With the product’s portable form factor, users can take this card reader and writer with them wherever they go in their backpack, laptop or camera bag.”

The company shares the following significant features and benefits of the card reader.

  • USB 3.1 Gen 1 (Type-A and Type-C) connectivity
  • Provides both read and write access to SD and microSD cards
  • Lightweight, compact, portable design
  • USB-powered
  • Plug-and-play; no drivers or software installation required

Believe it or not, this beautiful card reader/writer is only $16.99. You can buy it now here. StarTech products have historically been very well-made, and I expect the SDMSDRWU3AC will be no different. It should last you many years, and it will make a great tool to keep in your bag for when it is needed.