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Steam’s Winter Sale arrives with deals on Linux games

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Tux, you’re gonna need your wallet…

The in-store music system insists that ‘it’s the most wonderful time of the year‘ — and with the Steam winter sale 2016 now live, I’d dare so those lyrics aren’t wrong!

Yup, the annual bargain bonanza that is the Steam holiday 2016 sale is now live as of today, December 22, and runs until early January.

As usual you’ll find a veritable sleigh-load of games up for grabs, including AAA titles and indie gems.

There are a number of Linux gaming bargains to be had, with deals on 6 of the 7 games that featured in our list of the ‘Best Linux Games of 2016‘:

  • Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – Was: £39.99, Now £13.19
  • Hyper Light DrifterWas: £14.99, Now: £8.99
  • Rocket LeagueWas: £14.99, Now: £8.99
  • UndertaleWas: £6.99, Now: £3.49
  • Tomb RaiderWas: £14.99, Now: £3.74
  • Total War: WARHAMMERWas: £39.99, Now £29.99

Other notable Linux gaming deals include:

  • Breach & Clear –Was: £10.99, Now: £1.09
  • Broforce Was: £11.99, Now: £2.39
  • Counter Strike: Global OffensiveWas: £11.99, Now £8.03
  • Invisible, Inc. Was: £14.99, Now: £4.49
  • Master of OrionWas: £22.99, Now: £14.99
  • Stardew ValleyWas: £10.99, Now: £7.36
  • Shadow Warrior Was: £29.99, Now: £2.99
  • Transport FeverWas: £26.99, Now: £21.59

Since some deals may come and go over the course of the sale you should probably grab a bargain as and when you see it.


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