Stop Windows 10 from displaying Windows Welcome Experience page

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Every time you create a new account and sign into Windows 10, a Windows Welcome Experience page is displayed on your computer screen. The page offers an overview of newly introduced features. Although informative, it makes no sense to waste more time in knowing features, following long install period. This page can even appear after a features Update. If you are looking for a method to stop Windows 10 from displaying Windows experience page, read this article.

Turn Off Windows Welcome Experience page

There are tw0 options available to a user to turn on or turn off Windows 10 from displaying Windows Welcome Experience page after every Update. These include,

  1. Disabling Windows Experience Page via Settings
  2. Disabling Windows Experience Page through a registry tweak

Via Settings

Turn Off Windows Welcome Experience page

In the Windows 10 Creators Update, Microsoft added new “suggestions” that appear as notifications. These ads inform you about various Windows features and appear as normal desktop notifications. For example, you might see a notification telling you to set up Cortana. Like other notifications, they’re also stored in the Action Center so you can see them later. If you do not like this feature, follow these steps to disable it.

Click on the Start Button and choose Settings app. Next, select ‘System’ tile from settings > Notifications and actions tab.

Now scroll down to the ‘Notifications’ section. The panel will have suggestions for you to either enable and disable notifications.

Look for Show me the Windows welcome experience after updates and occasionally when I sign in to highlight what’s new and suggested and disable it by moving the slider to the left towards the Off position.

Using Registry

Open registry editor and navigate to the following key-


Next, create a new 32-bit DWORD value and name it SubscribedContent-310093Enabled and set its value data to 0 to disable the Welcome Experience feature.

If you would like to reverse this change and enable the page display simply change the value data to 1 or delete this created DWORD.

Hope this helps!