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Stop Windows 10 from resetting default apps with Stop Resetting My Apps


While updating Windows 10 OS or updating built-in applications on Windows 10 you may have noticed that the default apps for certain actions are reset back to the built-in applications. This may turn out to be very annoying as you’ll have to change the default programs again and again after you update certain part of the operating system. To rescue you from this problem, let me present you Stop Resetting My Apps a free tool that prevents automatic resetting of default apps, programs and file associations by Windows 10.

Stop Windows 10 from resetting default apps

Stop Windows 10 from resetting default apps

Stop Resetting My Apps comes with the functionality to prevent the most popular of inbuilt apps from taking the status of default applications. These apps include:


  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mail
  • Music
  • Photos
  • Movies and TV
  • 3D Builder.

You can block any of the above-mentioned application and next time the app or Windows is updated, the default application would stay as it is. The tool does not actually block these applications and these applications can be accessed normally from the start menu. The file associations are also left untouched, only the blocked applications are barred from the OpenWith menu or the Default Apps Windows settings section.

With such a technique in action, you can block these apps from Open With menu, without losing the functionality to use them.

To block an application simply click the tile corresponding to that and that is it. A red colored stop icon would indicate that the application has been blocked and you can easily unblock it by hitting the same tile again. You can instantly observe the changes by right-clicking a file and then going to the ‘Open With’ menu.

Stop Resetting My Apps does what it says and it is a great application to be used. If you were always annoyed by automatic changes in default applications, this tool is a solution for you. The application is available for free of cost and comes in a single executable file that can be easily used as a portable application and carried around.

Stop Resetting My Apps download

Click here to download Stop Resetting My Apps. The tool is pretty simple and straight forward, and it covers the most popular inbuilt applications offered by Windows 10.


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