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Sugo 14: a new mini-ITX box from Silverstone!

We have a new case to be unloaded on the market with the Sugo 14. Silverstone offers us a reference to the mini-ITX format, a cubic case with a lot of integration possibilities.

Sugo 14: a cubic mini-ITX box from Silverstone!

Silverstone Sugo 14

Like any good ITX reference, this model has contained dimensions. Thus, the case displays 247 (W) x 368.1 (D) x 215 (H) mm, the whole for a weight of 8.48 kg and a volume of less than 20l.

From a design point of view, we have something sober with a simple yellow border on the front. It is also worth noting that the top and side panels are perforated in order to let the configuration breathe as much as possible.

Internally, of course, the motherboard format will be limited to the mini-ITX. On the storage side, we will be able to integrate up to three 2.5″ units. The 3.5″ flavor will also be possible, the only condition is not to go through with liquid cooling or not to use the 5.25″ bay present.

Otherwise, we won’t really have any limitations regarding the components. Indeed, the Silverstone case allows the installation of 33 cm long graphics cards. On the aircooling side, the limitation will be 182 mm in height and 150 mm for the power supply (ATX format).

Silverstone Sugo 14

Concerning watercooling, we will be able to install AIOs with up to a 240 mm radiator. The only constraint lies in the thickness of the set: 55 mm maximum. Otherwise, we will have the space to install a 120/140 mm fan at the back and two other 120/140 mm fans on the side.

In short, a compact case without big constraints. As for the price, we are curious to know, but Silverstone has not yet communicated that to us. Too bad.

Here is the Silverstone data sheet!

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