Super Flower Shows 2500W Platinum PSU: It’s Not For You

Last year at Computex we did a round-up of some really crazy 3000W power supplies. These were essentially two PSUs in a single chassis, but the idea was to power multiple mining graphics cards. The quality of the units was questionable, and they didn’t adhere to any 80 PLUS specification. This year, we have a true high powered unit on show, however SuperFlower will not sell it to you.

The 2500W design is based on the company’s 2000W model, which is at retail, but with better binned components in order to keep the same rating efficiency. It’s large, and comes with a wide array of connectors. In order to achieve 2500W, the company is pushing 200+ amps through the main rail. Due to the power requirements, and the efficiency, this unit is only fit to work on 230V mains supply.

So why show it at all, if it’s not going to be on sale? The company representative told me that they wanted a unit that was the best of the best, to show off at events, but also the unit would be given to overclockers at a number of OEMs in order to help them try and break world records. In essence, they are giving these units away for free.

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