Super Street Fighter V Rumored As Free Expansion: Second Story, New Characters Coming

A hot new rumor involving Capcom’s Street Fighter V has appeared online, claiming a massive update and a bunch of new characters will be coming to the classic fighting franchise.

According to a reddit thread by reputable user Rikurikumore — who leaked the existence of Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite — begins by revealing Street Fighter V’s Season 2 remaining DLC characters. They are Abigail, Menat and Zeku.

There will be a second cinematic story mode with the base roster and Season 1 DLC characters acting as prologues for the general cinematic story mode. Season 2 character’s story modes for Akuma, Ed and Kolin all take place after the first cinematic story and are prologues for the second story mode.

The thread then goes into the Super Street Fighter V rumors involving a free update for those who already own the original SFV. What’s included in the expansion are the following:

  • Arcade Mode
  • Extra Battle
  • Some kind of PvE mode against the Illuminati
  • Some expanding on the existing mechanics
  • New Critical Arts

The leaker also states that there will be a UI overhaul and that there will be six more characters. Sagat, Sakura, Oro, C. Viper, Q and Necro will be joining the fight with the new update. Rikurikumore also brings up professional SF player Alex Valle’s tweet from May that pretty much confirms the new characters.

Rikurikumore predicts Super Street Fighter V will be announced at Capcom Cup toward the end of the year.

So what do you think of this new Street Fighter V rumor? Would you want everything included in the rumored Super Street Fighter V? Sound off in the comments section below.