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SuperNOVA P+ : two high power supplies from EVGA !

This morning, we take a look at EVGA which announces a new series of power supplies. On the program, the brand offers us its SuperNOVA P+ Series. Two blocks of high power since it is a question of 1600W and 1300W !

SuperNOVA P+: blocks of 1.6 kW and 1.3 kW!

EVGA SuperNOVA P+ series

With these power supplies, EVGA does not offer us very compact units, it is rather the opposite. In fact, the 1300W model alone is 20cm deep and weighs over 3kg! Clearly, it will not fit in all cases.

In addition, we have the right to a fully modular cable management. Unfortunately, the 1600W plug is not yet online, we will have to make do with the 1300W block. Thus, on this “small” model, we have two EPS12V (4+4 pin) CPU connectors and eight 6+2 pin PCIe. For peripherals, we can count on twelve SATA, six Molex and a Floppy socket.

Inside, we can imagine that the components are of high quality, with quality capacitors. In the same vein, we can count on a very strict voltage regulation <1%. Internally, we will have the right to a DC to DC converter as well as all the electrical protections. Finally, the cooling is provided by a 135 mm fan with semi-passive operation.

For the price, the SuperNOVA 1300 P+ is already displayed on the store of the brand at about $350. The 1600W version is not yet available and therefore has no price for the moment.

Here is EVGA’s datasheet !

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