SuperTuxKart 0.10 RC1 Arrives with Improved Online Multiplayer Support

black forest supertuxkart track

Being a big fan of the open-source racing game SuperTuxKart, I was stoked to see a new release emerge at the weekend.

SuperTuxKart 0.10 hit beta back in January, debuting online multiplayer support. This week the team issued a new release candidate build for further testing, bringing the famed game a step closer to a new stable release.

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SuperTuxKart 0.10 RC1 features a number of minor gameplay and performance improvements, especially to the online multiplayer experience, plus a couple of notable track updates.

SuperTuxKart 0.10 Release Candidate

SuperTuxKart 0.10 Developers Play Through

The STK team say a slate of bugs have been fixed since the January beta first release, with networked multiplayer “now ready for general use” over LAN and WLAN (internet).

“A few tracks have also been added or upgraded,” the team adds, noting that the old mansion track has been replaced by an upgraded Ravenbridge Mansion track, while the previously add-on only Black Forest track graduates up to the main set.

Install SuperTuxKart 0.10 on Ubuntu & Linux Mint

SuperTuxKart binaries and source code can be found over on the SuperTuxKart Sourceforge page (yes, Sourceforge still exists!).

On Ubuntu or Linux Mint? You can install SuperTuxKart’s freshest development builds on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS or later by adding the STK developer PPA to your software sources.

Pop open a new terminal window and run the following commands, entering your user password where prompted:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:stk/dev
sudo apt update && sudo apt-install supertuxkart

Once the game is fully installed you can go ahead and launch it from your system’s app menu.

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