How to install OwnCloud 7 on an Ubuntu 14.04 VPS

ownCloud-sticker-A8-300x213OwnCloud is a web based file management and sharing solution. Using OwnCloud you can sync and share your files, calendar, kontakter, etc… and easily access them from all your devices from anywhere.
In this blog article we will Installera OwnCloud 7 on an Ubuntu 14.04 VPS. The installation is pretty easy and fast.

In order to run OwnCloud 7 the following requirements you need to have Apache webbserver, MySQL database server and PHP installed on your Ubuntu 14.04 VPS.

First of all log in to your server as root and make sure that all packages are up to date

apt-get update
apt-get upgrade

Instal Apache webbserver on your Ubuntu 14.04 VPS if it is not already installed

apt-get Installera apache2

Install PHP on your server

apt-get install php5 php5-mysql

and the following PHP modules required by OwnCloud

apt-get install php5-gd php5-json php5-curl php5-intl php5-mcrypt php5-imagick

Installera MySQL database server

apt-get install mysql-server

After the MySQL server is installed, run the ‘mysql_secure_installation‘ and use the following settings

Set root Lösenord? [Y/n] y
Remove anonymous users? [Y/n] y
Disallow root login remotely? [Y/n] y
Remove test database and access to it? [Y/n] y
Reload privilege tables now? [Y/n] y

Download the latest stable release of OwnCloud on your server. At the time of writing this article it is OwnCloud version 7.0.0.


Unpack the downloaded archive to the Apache’s document root directory

tar -xvf owncloud-7.0.0.tar.bz2 -C /var/www/html

The user running the web server have to be the ownner of the OwnCloud files, so we will change the ownership

chown www-data:www-data -R /var/www/html/owncloud/

Log in to your MySQL server and create a user and database for OwnCloud. Give full privileges to the MySQL user on the database.

mysql -u root -p
Enter Lösenord:
mysql> CREATE USER 'ownclouduser'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'YOURPASSWORD';
mysql> CREATE DATABASE ownclouddb;
mysql> GRANT ALL ON ownclouddb.* TO 'ownclouduser'@'localhost';
mysql> utgång

Don’t forget to change ‘YOURPASSWORD‘ with an actual strong password.

Now navigate your browser to http://YOURDOMAIN.TLD/owncloud . There you will create a new administrator user and enter the information of the MySQL-databas we created earlier in this tutorial.


Finish the setup and log in to your OwnCloud 7 server. That’s all.

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