Sync Desktop, Mina dokument och mappen Bilder genom OneDrive

Om du har Microsoft Account inrättats i Windows 10, du redan har vissa inställningar synkroniseras på datorn, men inte de viktiga filer på skrivbordet, i mappen Dokument och dyrbara stunder sparas i mappen Bilder.

Väl, you could redirect these locations to OneDrive folder to get them backed up, like below:

But not everyone would do that even if they know such folder-redirection feature exists. How about a feature built right in OneDrive that syncs up these folders automatically for you?

Right-click OneDrive’s icon in the system tray and click inställningar.

Switch over to Auto Save flik och klicka Uppdatering folders button under Protect your important folders sektion.

Select at least one of the folders to sync up and click Start protection knapp.

Photo Credit by gHacks

Make sure all folders are located on C: drive across all computers linked with your Microsoft Account. Or you will see the warning message like this:

Också, keep eyes on the storage usage to make sure your OneDrive has enough space left for your important files.

You may wonder why this is a very useful feature. Since OneDrive has a version control that you can roll back to the versions saved up to 30 dagar sedan, any files in these folders can be restored if they are hit by the Ransomware unfortunately.


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