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Hitta en förlorad Android telefon med Hitta min enhet

Find a lost Android Phone using Find my Device The smartphone is a technological marvel. And you might be using your smartphone a lot. I’m guessing that your smartphone probably has all of your personal information, private messages and even your saves for your favorite game.

Vin 2.10 Released with Initial Android graphics driver

The Wine development release 2.10 tillkännagavs en dag sedan. With the initial Android graphics driver, running Windows applications on Android is finally getting closer with Wine. Vin 2.10 release highlights: Initial version of the Android graphics driver. Dictionary support in WebServices. A number of Direct2D

Android O Beta bekräftar System versionen 8.0

Google released its third developer preview of Android O Thursday and developers have been able to confirm the version number of the upcoming software is 8.0. The details can be found in the About Phone settings section of a device that is running the Android O

Hur man spelar in Whatsapp samtal med Android / iPhone-enheter

Whatsapp needs no Introduction, isn’t it? Everyone use it for Chatting with friends/family. Nu för tiden, people use WhatsApp daily for about at least 4-5 timmar. The number is high in youngsters. Whatsapp messenger is mainly for chatting with friends/family whereas, some people use Whatsapp for their Business

15 Best Free Games like Candy Crush Saga

I bet you don’t need to be introduced to Candy Crush Saga. The levels, the beauty and colorful candies are always in your mind. The game that entered the market in 2006, is now on everyone’s mind. Ärligt, I used to play it while I was

Cortana for iPhone is Now Faster and Freshly Redesigned

Microsoft today updated Cortana for iPhone with a significant redesign that has been available to Android users since December. As noted by Paul Thurrott, version 2.0 of the app is more responsive with redesigned calling, texting, and reminders and more immersive full-page answers with quicker page