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Hur du sätter din Android-enhet till iPhone

Turn Android into iPhone without rooting or flashing custom ROM. Install iOS on Android phone with our easy step guide. Android phones are famous due to their open source nature which makes them easy for customization. dock, if you are looking for a brand, then Apples

Hur öppna ett Maps Apple plats i Google Maps

i iOS 12, CarPlay will support third-party apps. This means that if you prefer to use Google Maps for navigation, you can do so once iOS 12 rolls out. One thing that isn’t changing is Apple Maps still being the default maps app on iOS. Du…

Hur man använder Apple Education Store

If you're a student, teacher or lecturer, you can save loads of money by taking advantage of Apple's education discount. Här, we show you how to get an student discount from Apple's UK Education Store or Apple's US Education Store. Apple is keen to make inroads

How to change your Apple ID and email address

Your Apple ID is your gateway to all of Apple's cloud services: iTunes, Apple Music, and iCloud. But what about your actual username? It's usually an email address: Often, it's an @icloud, @me, or @mac address — but you might also have signed up with your

Hur man skriver ut Apples logotyp symbol

Enheterna stöder in den välbekanta Apples logotyp symbol med kortkommandon. Kolla in vad denna karaktär ser ut skrivs ut:  Vissa människor hittar in Apples logotyp symbol en oumbärlig funktion för att byta namn på produkter som i Apples marknadsföringsmaterial, såsom Pay eller…