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Zorin OS 12.4 Släppte, Finns att ladda ner nu

Linux newbies rejoice; Zorin OS 12.4 is now available to download. The latest update to the popular Ubuntu-based Linux distribution, Zorin OS 12.4 boasts of being “more secure and compatible than ever before.” “This new release brings together the latest software updates, Bug fixar, performance enhancements

Hur man kombinerar PDF-filer

Problemet: Kombinera flera PDF-filer till en enda fil, so you don't inflict a half-dozen PDF files on the accounting department when you know they'll lose track of more than one file. Or maybe you have four or five sections of a report that you've

Linux Mint 19 Har släppts [Och det är häftigt]

Kort: Linux Mint 19 har precis släppts. Den nya versionen kommer med nytt utseende och funktioner. Du kan antingen uppgradera till den eller ladda ner och installera den på nytt. The wait is over Linux Mint fans. Den ärorika Linux Mint 19 release is finally here.

12 Att göra efter installation Linux Mint 19

Linux Mint is one of the best Linux distributions for new users. Det går ganska bra ur lådan. Fortfarande, there are a few recommended things to do after installing Linux Mint for the first time. I den här artikeln, I am going to share some

How to Install Microsoft PowerShell on Linux Operating System?

Microsoft has recently launched PowerShell Core as a snap package for smoother and easier installation of the software on many Linux distributions that support snaps. Powershell är ett ramverk uppgift automation och konfigurationshantering från Microsoft. PowerShell has now become open source. Således, PowerShell is now

Hur säkra dina konton från Social Engineering Hacks

Many users have become sensitized to the reality of security and computing today. We know the common threats to look out for; Viruses, Worms, and Trojans to name a few. There is another threat that’s often overlooked and difficult to overcome; Social Engineering. Private information such

What’s New in iOS 9.3 and Should You Upgrade?

Unlike previous minor revisions of Apple’s iOS, the iPhone maker has added more features in this latest update. The latest version, 9.3, introduces a wealth of functionality that people would expect in a major version. While the update still focuses on bug fixes and stability, de…

Hur man installerar en Mumble Server på CentOS 7

Hur man installerar en Mumble Server på CentOS 7 Mumble is a free application primarily intended for use by gamers which allows users to talk to each other while gaming. Mumble uses a client-server architecture which consists of a client program that consumes services provided by

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