SX750 Gold SFX: a new SFX power supply for Silverstone!

This noon, we learn that the Silverstone brand launches a new power supply with its SX750 Gold SFX. A new block intended for very small configurations. Moreover, we notice its rather important power and its output in 80+ Gold!

SX750 Gold SFX: an umpteenth SFX block for Silverstone!

Silverstone SX750 Gold SFXWhen we look at the Silverstone’s offer sFX power supplies, we think that it is a bit the king of oil. The offer of the manufacturer is very complete and is enriched again with this model.

In the program, we find a power supply with a power of 750W and a certification in 80+ Gold. Moreover, this model is fully modular which will facilitate the wiring inside a PC case. By the way, speaking of cables, this model has :

  • ATX 24-pin: 1x of 300 mm
  • EPS12V 8 pins : 1x of 400 mm
  • EPS12V 4+4 pins: 1x 400 mm + 150 mm
  • PCIe 6+2 pin: 4x on two cables of 400 mm + 150 mm
  • SATA: 8x on two cables of 300 mm + 100 mm + 100 mm + 100 mm
  • Molex: 3x on a 300mm + 200mm + 100mm + 100mm cable (Floppy)

Internally, this reference highlights the use of Japanese electrolytic capacitors. The same goes for the protections where we find the OCP, the OPP, the OVP, the SCP, the UVP and the OTP. Finally, the ventilation is entrusted to a 92 mm mill with fully active operation. Up to 300W of consumption, the latter will turn at a little over 1000 rpm to finish at 3400 rpm at full load.

For the price, we imagine it well placed between the SX750 Platinum and the SX700-G. This makes a bill between ~140 € and ~170 € according to us.

Here is the Silverstone datasheet!

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