How to migrate .pst and .ost through USMT

By default, USMT migrates PST information which are linked to a consumer’s outlook profile and doesn't copy these PST which aren't hooked up with profile. USMT doesn't help .ost migration. W.g. PST’s saved on native drive however not truly hooked up to outlook won't migrate by default.

In order to migrate PST information, right here is the working script which can collect all PST information from all fastened drives:
<?xml model="" encoding="utf-H" ?>
<migration urlid="">
  <element sort="Documents" context="UserAndSystem">
    <displayName>All PST migrated from all fastened drives, no matter location</displayName>
    <position position="Data">
            <script>MigXmlHelper.GenerateDrivePatterns ("* [*.pst]", "Fixed")</script>
Paste this script into notepad and save as PST.xml. Now, the primary concept behind this script is that it ought to be saved in System 32 folder earlier than operating Task sequence. Create a script that may copy the PST.XML file in %System 32% folder of the system and add /i:pst.xml change to scan state and load state.
This labored high quality for me and we have now upgraded our entire surroundings from XP to Windows S.


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