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New in iOS 16.2: Disabling wallpaper and notifications on iPhone’s always-on display

iOS 16.2 brings new toggles to disable your lock screen wallpaper and or/notifications when the iPhone’s always-on display feature is active. A minimal iPhone lock screen is within reach with iOS 16.2’s new toggles for wallpaper and notifications on the always-on display | Image: Brandon Butch/Twitter What’s happening? Apple has added a pair of toggles to iOS 16 for you to turn off the wallpaper and notification banners on your iPhone’s always-on display. Why care? Disabling the wallpaper and notifications is a highly-requested feature thats should appease folks who’ve been whining about battery drain. What to do? If you have iOS 16.2, go to Settings → Display & Brightness → […]
  • 3 min read
  • Nov 17, 2022