How to Save Animated GIFs to Mobile and Computer

Maybe someone emailed you a birthday GIF that meant a lot. Maybe you found a dancing dog GIF that you can’t stop watching. Maybe you have a GIF image that you want to share with a pal for a good laugh. Whatever it is, you can save an animated GIF to your computer or mobile device. Some GIF websites provide you with a download option which makes saving a GIF simple. However, you might not have this option, or you may be using your mobile device. Here, we’ll show you how to download a GIF on your various devices. Look for a Download Option If you want to save animated

Enable Animated Mouse Hover App Icons in Ubuntu 22.04 Dock Panel

For Ubuntu 22.04, there’s now an extension to enable animation when you move mouse pointer over app icons on the left/bottom panel. It’s a magnifying animation for the dock app icons under mouse cursor. Which, remind me of the old popular Avant Window Navigator. The extension is called ‘Dash Animator‘ designed for Ubuntu with the default GNOME Desktop. As it requires GNOME 40+, only Ubuntu 22.04 meet the request so far. Though, it should also work on other GNOME based Linux that uses Dash-to-Dock, such as Manjaro Linux. How to Install the “Dash Animator” Extension in Ubuntu 22.04 1. Firstly, search for and install “Extension Manager” application from Ubuntu Software.

How to edit Frames of an Animated GIF using GIMP in Windows 11/10

Here is a tutorial for you to edit frames of an animated GIF using GIMP in Windows 11/ 10. GIF frames are individual image frames that combine together to create an animation. We have already discussed how to extract GIF frames. Now, if you want to edit individual frames of an animated GIF, how to do that? Well, in this post, we are going to show you step by step procedure to edit frames of an animated GIF. To do so, we will be using GIMP – GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is a dedicated and feature-rich free and open-source image editing software that can be used to modify GIF

Play Video as Animated Wallpaper in Ubuntu via This Tool

Want to play a video as animated background wallpaper? There’s now a new tool to do the job via GPU rendering. Gpu Video Wallpaper is the project. As the name indicates, it uses GPU for rendering video with low CPU usage. The software uses MPV to play video file. So mp4, mkv, flv, gif, and large list of video formats are supported. And it plays video animated wallpaper in Dual- or Multi-monitors. 1.) Download Gpu Video Wallpaper You can either go to previous link, click ‘Code’ button and select ‘Download Zip’, or click on the button below to download it: Download Zip 2.) Run the software to play animated wallpaper

Rainbow Six Siege Gets Animated Shadow Legacy Launch Trailer; Next Gen Ports Confirmed

Ubisoft’s latest livestream event held some big news and reveals for Rainbow Six Siege fans, not least of which being teasers for what’s to come in the series’ future. During the Ubisoft Forward livestream event held on Sept. 10, the publisher and developer revealed that Rainbow Six Siege would see support on next-gen consoles via ports of the game slated for release in 2020. The ports would offer all of the additions made to the current-gen versions as well as new features like 4K resolution and 120 fps support. Those who own current-gen versions of the game can likewise upgrade to the next-gen ports free of charge, though specific details

Animated GIF Recorder ‘Peek’ 1.0.3 Released [Ubuntu PPA]

Simple animated GIF screen recorder Peek 1.0.2 and then 1.0.3, with packaging fixes, were released a few days ago. Peek provides a simple user interface allows you to select a screen area to record by moving and resizing the window. There’s a countdown after clicking on the ‘Record’ button. Peek 1.0.2 / 1.0.3 come with bug-fixes, translation updates and small tweaks: Finish and save recording when closing the app while rendering Highlight file when launching Dolphin file manager Use raw video for recording GIF with GNOME Shell recorder (fix poor video quality) fix app failed to record MP4 when dimensions where not divisible by 2 fix the countdown issue. fix

Install Peek On Ubuntu; Animated GIF Screen Recorder Tool For Linux Ubuntu

How to install Peek on Ubuntu 16.04 and Ubuntu 16.10. Peek is an animated gif screen recorder tool for Linux Ubuntu. Peek is a simple tool that allows you to record short animated GIF images from your screen. Peek 0.8.0 The new release of Peek, the simple screen recorder for animated GIFs, improves the user experience when finishing the recording and brings some important fixes if Peek was installed into locations other than /usr. Also Peek is now translated into 11 languages. ui: Change button text while rendering (#24) ui: Add a –version command line argument ui: Show file choose directly after recording stops. This way rendering and choosing the

How to Make Animated Instagram Stories For Free

Instagram may have started as a photo sharing app, but it has quickly evolved. Today, video content does far better on Instagram than photos do, especially for stories. If you’d like to learn how to make animated Instagram stories for free, we’ll take you through the basics. You can also use these tips to turn your photos into animated versions in your feed. Here is an overview of what we will cover: Why video stories are better than photos What software you need for this tutorial How to turn an Instagram photo into a video with music How to turn multiple images into a slideshow style video How to upload