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New wave of Mal-Spam campaign attaching Disk Imaging Files

  From past few months at Quick-Heal Labs, we have been observing a sudden rise in Spear Phishing mail containing distinct file formats as attachment like IMG, ISO, etc. These new types of attachments are mainly used to deploy some well-known and older Remote Access Trojans. The subject of these emails are made to appear as genuine as possible in the form of ‘Case file against your company’ or ‘AWB DHL SHIPMENT NOTICE AGAIN’ etc. The attached files contain compressed malware (RAT’s) which have many different names like ‘Court Order.img’, ‘Product Order.img’, etc. The below image displays one such spear phishing mail. Figure 1: Spear phishing mail with malicious attachment […]
  • 4 min read
  • Aug 05, 2020