‘Pokémon Sun And Moon’ Mega Beedrill And Mawile Distribution: How To Download Mega Stones

The Pokémon Company has finally begun to distribute the Mega Stones for Beedrill and Mawile to give trainers access to their Mega Forms. Of course, this is only available for those trainers who participated in the International Friendly in February. If you’re looking for your Mega Stones, they will be distributed through a code given on the Pokémon Global Link website. Trainers need to log-in to the site and look at the News section for the link that appears throughout the day. The method to retrieving both Mega Stones is similar to how trainers received both Mewtwonite X and Y. Once you’ve received your account-specific code, just boot up your […]
  • 1 min read
  • Aug 05, 2020