Windows 11 22H2 big feature update is now being readied for an imminent release

Windows 11’s first big update since its launch in October is now being readied for imminent rollout, which is expected to begin in two weeks, according to sources familiar with the company’s plan. Microsoft has reportedly christened the upgrade as the “Windows 11 2022 Update”, but the name is subject to change. Windows 11 Build 22621.382 – which was deployed to testers weeks ago – is now being considered as the final update for the general public on September 20. Of course, Microsoft will continue to work on Windows 11 22H2 and improve the overall of customers’ PCs as part of the normal servicing cadence. Another reason to believe the

Fake Windows 11 download page being used to spread malware

Another fake Windows 11 download page is being used to spread malware. What you need to know A newly discovered malware is being spread through a fake Windows 11 download page. If installed onto a computer, the malware can steal a person’s browser data, including information from cryptocurrency wallets. The fake download page used in the attack features stolen images from Microsoft and is designed to appear genuine. A fake Windows 11 download page is being used as part of a campaign to get malware onto PCs. If successful, attackers can get malware that can steal browser data and cryptocurrency wallets onto the computers of unsuspecting victims. The campaign relies

Stop “This call is now being recorded” announcement in the Google Phone app

Google Phone or dialer is the default calling/dialer in many Android smartphones today. There would be many annoying things about Google’s dialer app; however, the call recording announcement is probably the most annoying. The app plays “This call is now being recorded” pre-announcement to both sides as soon as you start recording a call. Similarly, it plays “Call recording ended” when you stop the call recording. Recording calls without informing all participants is illegal in several jurisdictions. We won’t get into the details much, but it would be ethical to tell the other side before starting a call recording. On the other hand, Google’s way of forcing the announcement every

SearchIndexer.exe is preventing this device from being stopped

Safely Remove Hardware is a useful feature in Windows operating systems that lets users disconnect their external storage devices safely. To use this feature, right-click on your storage device in the File Explorer and select Eject. The same option is also available in the System Tray. If your USB device is busy, you will get a warning message while ejecting it. But some users are getting the warning message even when their USB device is not busy. According to them, whenever they eject their USB device, the The application SearchIndexer.exe is preventing this device from being stopped message pops up on their screens. The complete message is as follows: The

Crypto-Mining Malware ‘Crackonosh’ Being Distributed Via Cracked Games

Hackers are targeting people with a new Monero cryptojacking malware by hiding and distributing it through popular cracked games, including Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V), NBA 2K19, and Pro Evolution Soccer 2018, according to a report by antivirus maker Avast. For those unaware, cryptojacking is malware that infects computers to use them to mine cryptocurrencies usually without users’ knowledge. Gaming PCs are the perfect targets for crypto mining these days, as they are powerful and have a lot of computing power. The malware in question, dubbed as “Crackonosh” by researchers at Avast, seems to have originated from the Czech Republic. This malware infects computers through illegal and cracked copies

POCO F3 GT being sold online before official launch? Listed price will surprise you!

  The Redmi K40 Game Enhanced Edition made its debut last month in China. It is the first gaming-focused smartphone from the brand. According to reports online, the Redmi K40 Game Enhanced Edition will launch as the POCO F3 GT in India. However, there has been no official confirmation regarding the POCO F3 GT launch so far. Well, today there has been an interesting development on the matter. While the POCO F3 GT is yet to be officially launched, the smartphone is already being sold on an e-commerce website, which not only confirms its existence but also reveals POCO F3 GT specifications and a surprising price tag. Also read: POCO

The Metal Gear Solid IP Is Being Licensed out by Konami – Rumor

It has been a while since a new entry in the Metal Gear Solid series saw the light of day, but it seems like there is a chance for new games to be released in the future. ACG-Gaming recently reported that, according to a reliable source, that the Metal Gear Solid IP is up for grabs in some way. It’s not yet clear if this is related to the Hideo Kojima/Microsoft rumors from last week, but it would definitely be huge if Microsoft somehow got the legendary game designer to work on a new entry in the series he has created. By loading the video, you agree to YouTube’s privacy

The Google WiFi app is being shut down to move users to Google Home

Google WiFi users are encouraged to switch to Google Home. What you need to know Google WiFi owners are being warned that the legacy app is being shut down next month. Users are being told to migrate their network to the Google Home app, which will include several benefits. The shutdown will occur on May 25th, and the app will be removed from the Play Store shortly after. Steps are finally being taken to migrate all Google WiFi users over to Google Home. In an email sent out to Google WiFi users (via SlashGear), the company is informing that it will shut off the legacy app used to control and

New ransomware is being used to target unpatched Microsoft Exchange servers

Attackers are using a new strain of ransomware to target unpatched Exchange servers. What you need to know A strain of ransomware called DearCry is being used to target unpatched Exchange servers. Microsoft has released patches for Exchange servers, but some organizations have not patched systems yet. Check Point Research reports that exploitation attempts doubled every 2-3 hours over a recent 24-hour period. While Microsoft has rolled out emergency patches to address vulnerabilities on its Exchange server software, many systems remain unpatched. Attackers are now increasingly going after unpatched systems. A strain of ransomware called DearCry is being utilized by attackers to target unpatched on-premises Exchange servers (via ZDNet). Microsoft