Microsoft announces HowLongToBeat integration on Xbox app on PC, better app performance

Microsoft made new improvements to the Xbox app on Windows. Starting this Wednesday, not only would you experience a faster app lunch and a better performance, but you’ll also be able to know the game lengths of specific titles with ease. HowLongToBeat on Xbox app on Windows That is possible through a partnership Xbox established with HowLongToBeat, the community-driven website specializing in determining the lengths of games. The name should be familiar to many users as it offers incredible insights about games and how worthy different titles are for your money. In the original site of the HowLongToBeat, the length of a game is shown in four categories: Main Story

What does 5G UC mean? Is it better than regular 5G?

If you’re a T-Mobile customer in the US, chances are that your smartphone has displayed a 5G UC badge at some point. While most of us already know that 5G is the successor to 4G LTE, the exact differences between various types of 5G aren’t often talked about. Here’s everything you need to know about the 5G UC logo on your smartphone. QUICK ANSWER T-Mobile uses the 5G UC label, short for Ultra Capacity, to refer to its fastest networks. Unlike regular 5G networks, you can expect faster speeds than 4G LTE as well as better reliability in crowded areas. What is 5G UC? Eric Zeman / Android Authority Not

Best Router settings for PC Gaming; Optimize Router for better Gaming

Gaming over Wi-Fi is quite popular due to the lack of wires. But let’s be honest, using an Ethernet port will always be the better option to deliver a stable connection consistently. However, using Wi-Fi makes it possible for some even to consider the better option. With that in mind, then, we are going to explain ways that can deliver optimal gaming performance where your router is concerned. With modern routers, it shouldn’t be too difficult for them to deliver quality connections, but there are times when things do not work according to plan. If you want to optimize your Router for better Gaming, these are the best Router settings

Make your back-to-school routine better with these smart home tricks

Amazon Alexa’s Routines, which play from devices like this Echo dot speaker, help my family get out of bed and stay on track in the mornings.Image: Amazon This week, my kids headed back to school. For most parents, that means a weekend spent buying composition notebooks and Ticonderoga pencils and unearthing moldy lunchboxes from last year’s book bag (just me?). In my household, it also means reenabling all my back-to-school smart home routines. I’ve been using my smart home as an extra pair of parental eyes and ears for years now, and I think all parents need some home automation in their lives. The little things the smart home does

Audio Pro offers better connectivity in the A10 MkII

Audio Pro has continued its streak of subtly upgrading its speaker lineup with better connectivity by announcing the A10 MkII, its most compact option. Best Bluetooth speakers: Top portable speakers for every budget The speaker will now support Apple AirPlay 2 and Google Cast alongside Audio Pro’s own multiroom solution, making it way easier to integrate it into a multiroom setup. On the design side of things, there isn’t much change at all that we can see, with the same small footprint that will remind some observers of Amazon Echo speakers of a certain generation, with a fabric finish that should make it easy to blend into the background in

Microsoft Edge’s new sidebar on Windows is getting better in the next update

Microsoft has been working on a new sidebar for the Chromium-based Edge browser and it’s about to get more productive, thanks to a new update in the works. As you’re probably aware, the Microsoft Edge sidebar lets you access Edge features side-by-side. This includes features like Outlook, Office, Games, and more. Microsoft Edge’s sidebar is helpful, but many users also view it as yet another bloatware in the browser. Thankfully, it is possible to hide the sidebar. If you like the sidebar feature, we have some good news for you. The company is now working on ‘favourites’ integration for the sidebar. As you can see in the below screenshot, Microsoft

Asus Zenfone 9 Review: A better small phone than the iPhone 13 Mini

Asus’ Zenfone series wasn’t always small. Just a couple of years ago, the Zenfone 7 and Zenfone 7 Pro came with the usual 6.7-inch screen that were and still are a dime a dozen in the Android space. But starting with last year’s Zenfone 8, Asus pivoted direction with one mandate: the phone must be small. The engineers and designers had hard numbers to aim for, in fact: the width of the device must be less than 70mm. The number, Asus reps say, is because it’s about the furthest the average human thumb can reach across horizontally. Asus succeeded in that goal, and the Zenfone 8 was a very easy

ExpressVPN Now Works Better on Apple Silicon Macs

ExpressVPN is one of the best VPN services around, with a simple design and all the features you’d expect. Starting today, ExpressVPN is now optimized for Mac computers with M1 and M2 chipsets. The latest Mac computers with Apple’s own Silicon chipsets, like the new M2 MacBook Air or 24-inch iMac, are still compatible with software created for older Intel-based Macs. However, the Rosetta 2 compatibility layer is slower than software built for the new chips. ExpressVPN has now followed many other applications, and now offers a version that runs natively on Apple Silicon Macs. The company said in a blog post, “ExpressVPN users with Apple silicon Macs can now

Android Games Just Got Better on Windows 11

The Windows Subsystem for Android allows many Android games and applications to run on PCs, and Microsoft has continued working on it since release. A new update is now rolling out with improvements to controls and other features. Microsoft is updating the Windows Subsystem for Android in Windows Insider channels, but there’s no major platform update this time around, like the Android 12.1 upgrade that first arrived in May. The update has new settings for controlling games and apps — you can now turn on and off WASD key mapping for controllers, controller pass-through support, and aiming in games with keyboard arrow keys. It’s worth noting that the Android Subsystem