The new Tab Search button in now available in Edge Canary

Two weeks ago we reported that Chrome has a new Tab Search button that more closely matched the windows controls in Windows 10. Now that new look has also come to Edge Canary. The new look can be enabled by using the –enable-features=msTabSearch,Win10TabSearchCaptionButton command line switch. The new tab search button also brings a fortuitous change. Previously in Edge the Tab Search button did now work when vertical tabs are enabled and with the new button is working everywhere, though not yet reliable. via Leo Varela.

Edge Canary has a new Windows 11 “visual update” flag

Microsoft has added a new flag to Edge Canary aimed at adapting the design of the browser UI either to Windows 10 or Windows 11, depending on what you are running. The “Enable Windows 11 Visual Updates” flag claims to enable “in-progress visuals appropriate for your currently installed version of Windows.” When enabled, the flag appears to deliver the same change on both Windows 10 and Windows 11, mainly a change to the font style and size. An example of the change, which is present in most browser menus, can be seen above. There does not appear to be any other changes, though of course, this may change over time.

Outlook Smart Tile now available in Edge Canary New Tab Page

Microsoft has released a new feature for the Edge browser which ties their mail service more closely with the browser. The company has added the option of adding an Outlook Smart Tile to the New Tab page of the browser. When enabled, and you have signed in, you can see your three most recent emails and also start a new email or meeting request in Outlook, directly from the new tab page. To get started, open a new tab page and click the plus sign beside your current quick links. Under suggestions, click Outlook. You’ll need to sign in to Microsoft Edge with the same account you use for

Microsoft is testing a new Tab Action Menu in Edge Canary

Microsoft is trying to declutter the Edge browser’s toolbar by combining functions into a single mini-menu. The new button is called the Tab Actions Menu. The menu consolidates 3 functions – turning on vertical tabs, re-opening recently closed tabs and adding all tabs to a new collection. The feature is in the latest Edge Canary, but appears to be part of a controlled roll-out, with not everyone having access to the new feature. Source: Leo Varela.

You can now edit saved passwords directly in Edge Canary

Most of us use our browser as our password manager, and fortunately, the features of these built-in services has continued to improve over time. On occasion, however, your browser may not recognize the need to save an updated password, meaning you are sometimes stuck having to enter in the correct password manually each time despite having a saved password which unfortunately happens to be outdated. Thankfully in the latest Edge Canary (Build 88.0.672.0) Microsoft will now let you directly edit your saved passwords. The feature is currently in the Canary version of the browser but should roll out to mainstream users in a few months. A similar feature is currently

Latest Chrome Canary Build Includes Support for MacBook Pro Touch Bar

The newest build (58.0.3020.0) of Chrome Canary, Google’s experimental browser, includes support for the Touch Bar built into the 2016 MacBook Pro, indicating Touch Bar support will soon be added to the Chrome browser. On the Touch Bar, the current Chrome Canary build offers a search/URL bar, forward and back buttons, a refresh/stop option, a button for opening a new tab, and a button for adding a new bookmark. It’s much a simpler implementation than Touch Bar support in Safari, which includes preview tabs for quickly switching between windows. There are also no controls available for video or music playback in the browser. Features are tested in Canary before being

New Edge Canary flag brings Jump Lists support to PWAs

New Edge Canary flag brings Jump Lists support to PWAs Microsoft Edge and Chromium-based web browsers are getting experimental support for Jump Lists for Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) installed as regular apps. If Microsoft’s Chromium-based Edge browser makes it quite easy to install any website as an app, there’s still a way to go before these apps can work more like native apps, and Jump Lists support would definitely be an important step in that direction. For those unfamiliar with Jump Lists, they’re the quick actions that show up when you right-click on an app icon on your taskbar. Google engineer Rayan Kanson explained this week on the public blink-dev