Celluloid (Gnome MPV) Now GTK4 + LibAwaita Video Player for Linux

By releasing v0.24, Celluloid (formerly Gnome MPV) is now a LibAwaita app. Meaning it works good on any screen sizes, including mobile or tablet devices. Celluloid is a graphical front-end for MPV, defaults in Linux Mint. As MPV is a command line video player, Celluloid adds graphical controls and options to make the player easy to use. Now, the app has ported to GTK4 plus LibAwaita. Which makes it look modern and stylish, and works good on small screen sizes. MPV was just OK when it was in Ubuntu 20.04. But in Ubuntu 22.04, it lacks window border due to switch to Wayland (though there are workarounds). And, the UI

Install Celluloid – formerly GNOME MPV – on Ubuntu Linux

Install Celluloid (formerly GNOME MPV) on Ubuntu Linux Systems. Celluloid (formerly GNOME MPV) is a simple GTK+ frontend for mpv. It aims to be easy to use while maintaining high level of configurability. Celluloid is capable of using mpv’s configuration files as-is. Keybindings can be set up using mpv’s input configuration file. Celluloid Celluloid is a simple media player that can play virtually all video and audio formats. It supports playlists and MPRIS2 media player controls. The design of Celluloid follows the GNOME Human Interface Guidelines, but can also be adapted for other systems that don’t use client-side decorations (CSD). It is based on the mpv library and GTK. Features: