A complex game was launched on the miniature screen Xiaomi Mi11 Ultra [ВИДЕО]

The highlight of the flagship model Xiaomi Mi11 Ultra is the presence of a miniature color display located on the massive block of the main camera. As it turned out, it can be used not only for showing new notifications or for taking selfies, but also for more complex tasks. One of the users of the Chinese social network Weibo published a short video showing that the smartphone can be fully used even through its auxiliary display. Moreover, he even played the popular MOBA game King of Glory on a miniature screen, which required pressing a lot of buttons. Despite the tiny size of the display, the author of the

Umbra lets you instantly view complex 3D images on any device

Umbra is launching a tool called Composit that will let you upload a complex 3D model to the cloud and then view it on any device. The Helsinki, Finland-based company makes it a lot easier for dispersed teams of engineers and product designers to work on the same project without having to be tethered to a powerful workstation computer. The process is fairly simple. The user installs Composit and uploads a project with a single click. The file is then viewable instantly on any piece of hardware in real time. Composit is a fully automated, cloud-based solution that allows you to load complex engineering and product design images and view

Fast Delete Complex Directories

Last updated on 02/26/2020 Normally, deleting directories is fairly quick if they contain a modest number of sub-directories and files. But if directories have complex structures, consisting of hundreds or thousands of sub-directories and files, it may take several minutes or even hours to delete them. The command line, with less overhead, can delete complex directories in a fraction of that time, sometimes quoted as being 20 times or more faster than the traditional explorer option. This guide shows how to automate deleting large directories using batch files or the command line using native Windows commands and tools. An additional section covers freeware GUI deletion programs that have a CLI