LastPass Confirms Internal Source Code Compromised in Security Breach

LastPass has announced that its development environment was recently compromised in a security breach. The password manager maker detailed in a blog post that hackers had stolen their internal source code and technical documentation. LastPass is a popular password manager that allows users to store their credentials and personal information in an encrypted vault. It also makes creating secure and unique passwords for their online accounts easier. LastPass secures information and syncs to any mobile device or computer. The password manager has more than 25 million users and 80,000 business customers worldwide. Karim Toubba, the CEO of LastPass, explained that the security incident took place about two weeks ago. The

SIM Cloning: 3 Signs Your Phone Number Is Compromised

SIM cloning is a practice where a malicious user makes a copy of your phone’s SIM card, putting you at risk that any SIM-based authentication you use is compromised. If you realize it fast enough, you could minimize the damage. What Is SIM Cloning, and Why Does it Happen? A SIM card is essentially a security measure to prove that you’re entitled to access a cellular network. Your phone number is associated with a particular SIM, and the SIM also has its own unique identification number, registered with the service provider. When a SIM card is “cloned” it means one of two things. Either two identical cards now exist on

Apple Rebuts Story It Compromised Face ID For Speedier iPhone X Production

Apple has quickly responded to Bloomberg’s report that the accuracy of the Face ID feature of the iPhone X has been compromised due to certain testing changes the company allegedly implemented to boost production of the new iOS 11-running smartphone. Though the Cupertino giant refuted the idea that it reduced the accuracy spec for Face ID, it did not deny that it made testing changes for the module. On Wednesday, Apple reached out to Apple Insider to address Bloomberg’s report and clarify that the accuracy of its Face ID sensor on the upcoming iPhone X has not been downgraded. “Bloomberg’s claim that Apple has reduced the accuracy spec for Face

HandBrake For Mac Mirror Server Was Compromised And Infected With PROTON Malware

HandBrake is an open-source and free transcoder for digital video files. It makes ripping a film from a DVD to a data storage device such as NAS boxes easier. HandBrake works Linux, macOS, and Windows. A Recent version of Handbrake for Mac and possibly other downloads at the same site infected with malware. If you have downloaded HandBrake on Mac between 2/May/2017 and 06/May/2017, you need to delete the file ASAP. HandBrake infected with a new variant of OSX.PROTON malware. HandBrake What happened? HandBrake-1.0.7.dmg was replaced by another unknown malicious file that DOES NOT match the SHA1 / SHA256 hashes on our website or on our Github Wiki which mirrors

How to use to see if your passwords are compromised

This week saw the release of a new service from security researcher Troy Hunt, Pwned Passwords, which lets you check your passwords against a database of more than 500 million passwords to see if any of yours are compromised. And though this tool was just released, the folks over at AgileBits have already integrated it into accounts for subscribers. With the click of a button, you can check to see if a particular password is in the database, letting you know if you need to change it. Here’s how you use 1Password’s new Pwned Passwords integration. A note on security As AgileBits notes, sending your password off to be