[Workaround] Cheese Blank Screen or Display Corrupted in Ubuntu 22.04

Cheese, the default app for taking photos or recording via webcam, is not working properly in my case in Ubuntu 22.04. By launching the app, webcam light turns on and persists only for a few seconds. Then it displays a blank screen with following text: “There was an error playing video from the webcam” According to the Ubuntu bug report and the upstream one, it seems to have something to do with the patch for MJPEG output support that causes issue on low end PC (I guess). And, here are a few workarounds that works in my laptop with HP TrueVision HD Camera. Workaround 1: Change output resolution Firstly, launch

How to Repair a corrupted Excel Workbook

The biggest pain when working with files is when they get corrupt. While Office 365 offers a file recovery feature for all its file types, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, but if that doesn’t work, it’s a lot of rework. This post will guide you on how you can repair a corrupt Excel workbook and also place backup methods so recovery works better. Repair & Recover a corrupt Excel Workbook Follow these two methods to repair a workbook when they show up as corrupted. When you open an Excel file, in such cases, you will get a message that either the file is corrupt or it will not open, or

How To Repair Corrupted Video For Free?

Producing videos isn’t as straightforward as it seems. It takes a lot of investment and effort to generate one suitable and high-quality visual file. Now, imagine if this video gets corrupted. You will have to put in the same or higher expenses to do the work again. That is why it is better to repair your corrupted records with a video repair tool, such as Repairit Desktop. With this guide, you can learn everything about using a video repair software efficiently. Without further ado, let’s begin! How To Repair Corrupted Videos For Free? You may find many tools, both online and offline, that will offer various video repair features. However,

How To Recover Data From a Corrupted SD Card

SD (Solid State Digital) cards are amazing bits of technology. Especially when it comes to the tiny, fingernail-sized Micro versions. These little cards can hold tens, hundreds and even thousands of gigabytes of data! Unfortunately, the small size of SD cards comes with a price. Not only can SD cards be fragile and easy to lose, they have a horrible tendency to stop working or offer up corrupted versions of your data. If that’s happened to you, let’s look at how to recover data from a corrupted SD card. Is My SD Card Actually Corrupt? Before we look at recovering a corrupted SD card, let’s quickly talk about the symptoms

How To Repair Corrupted System Files In Windows 10

  Are you getting system errors while using Windows 10? Has Windows 10 become too slow? Are you getting files corrupted error or file is missing error after booting into Windows 10? In this guide, we will see how to repair Windows 10 system files. A file may have been corrupted due to numerous reasons. Virus and malicious third-party software are often the reason behind a corrupted operating system file. Files also get corrupted when you attempt to modify them. The best way to fix a file is by repairing it. Windows 10 offers tools to check and repair corrupted system files. The best part is that you don’t need

How to recover corrupted files from USB Drive

  There are numerous occasions where users may find the data on their USB flash drive has become corrupted and that they are unable to access or recover it. In this post, we will see how you can attempt to recover corrupted files and data from USB using the Command Prompt. We will also list a few free USB Drive Recovery software along with their unique features so that you can use them if the former method fails to yield the desired results. Recover corrupted files & data from USB using CMD Drive corruption can be caused by many factors like File Table corruption, Virus infection and so on. We

How to repair Corrupted MicroSD Cards or Pen drive

Sometime you may lost your important data from MicroSD cards or Pen drive. In that situation most of the person want to know an easy steps to repair corrupted MicroSD cards or Pen drive without losing the data. All we know very well that MicroSD cards and Pen drive are too much popular external storage devices. Most of the person like to store his personal and important data in these external devices. Sometime when these devices are corrupted or not support properly then it’s an difficult situation for us. In that situation how could you get back your data it’s an big issue. Must Read: How to enable Hidden file

Windows 10 Quick Tips – Fix Corrupted Thumbnails

  Corrupted Thumbnails Sometimes, files get corrupted. That’s a fact of computer life. On the left you can see a classic example of what I’m talking about. The first row of images aren’t showing anything, the second row seems to be OK, and the third row has some good and some bad. This is a typical example of file corruption. In this case it is the Windows Thumbnail Cache that has fallen by the wayside. Luckily, in this case there’s an easy fix. Are Thumbnails Enabled? First let’s make sure that you have Thumbnails enabled on your computer. If this is how your pictures look in File Explorer, it’s possible

Repair corrupted image files online free or using freeware

  Many a time the images you download including GIF files get corrupted. If not worse, it usually happens when the metadata of the image is corrupted, and Windows 10 PC cannot read it properly. Using these free damaged photo repair tools, you should be able to repair corrupted image files. These tools can repair only if the damage is to an extent. Images that are recovered using recovery software or from corrupted hard disk might not work with these tools. Repair corrupted image files Repair GIF Image File online EZGif lets you repair corrupt gif images which either have a problem with frames or anything similar; this online tool