Pin File Explorer & Documents Folders To Start Menu In Windows 11

  Documents, Downloads, Pictures, and Videos folders are some of the most frequently accessed folders in the Windows operating system. There are multiple options to access these folders in Windows 11. These folders usually appear in the Quick Access section of the File Explorer so that users can easily access them. In addition to the File Explorer, one can also use the search to access these locations quickly. But did you know that you can pin Documents, Pictures, Downloads, and Videos folders to Windows 11 Start menu as well?     Yes, Windows 11 allows you to pin Documents, File Explorer, Downloads, Pictures, Videos, Music, Network, and Personal folder (user

Where Is The Documents Folder In Windows 11/10?

  The Documents folder (known as My Documents in Windows XP and earlier versions) in the Windows operating system is one of the important folders designed to let users save essential documents. Location of Documents folder in Windows 11/10? The Documents folder is automatically created when you create a user account. In Windows 11/10/8/7, the Documents folder is located in your user profiles folder. By default, it is present on the drive where Windows is installed (it can be moved to a different drive). That is, for instance, if Windows 11/10 is installed on the “C” drive and your user account name is “Test,” the path to the Documents folder

How to recover unsaved Word documents

There are a few computer-related disasters that can quickly drain the colour from your face. These include pressing Reply All rather than just Reply, realizing that the hard drive that just failed contained videos and photos you hadn’t backed up, or that fateful moment when a document you’ve been busily working on disappears. Whether your Mac crashed or froze, you forgot to save, or you accidentally clicked on delete, all might not be lost. We’ll show you how you can recover that vanished Word document. If everything is working as it should then it’s quite hard to lose a file in Word. Word has an autosave feature that means that

Here’s how you can upload your important documents on Digi Locker

Digi Locker, a cloud-based app, was launched by the government for the public to keep official documents like driving license, Aadhar card, PAN card, car registration certificate, educational certificate, birth certificate, etc., in digital form. It was launched to allow people to carry their documents, as users can access their documents anywhere after uploading them to Digi Locker. The Digi Locker app linked to an individual’s Aadhaar number provides users with 1GB of cloud storage to store their documents. Cloud storage is secure because it uses 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption for all information transmitted.   How to create an account in Digi Locker: First of all, you go

How to inspect documents in Word using Document Inspector

When creating or editing a Word document, some personal information that you do not wish to share will add to the file automatically. The Document Inspector feature will search and remove hidden data in your document, such as comments, watermarks, and other metadata before, publishing. What is checked by the Document Inspector in Word? The Document Inspector will search for various hidden metadata in your document, namely: Comments, versions, and revision marks Documents, properties, and personal information. Task pane add-ins Embedded documents. Macros, forms, and ActiveX controls Collapsed headings Custom XML data Headers. Footers and watermarks Invisible content Hidden text How to inspect documents in Word using Document Inspector Follow

Printer keeps printing documents in an inverted color scheme

Some Windows users may experience a situation where their Printer keeps printing documents in an inverted color scheme. So, if your whites are appearing black and blacks appearing white, this article is for you, as in this article, we are going to see all the possible fixes of Printer keeps printing documents in an inverted color scheme. Printer keeps printing documents in an inverted color scheme These are the things you can do to fix the “Printer keeps printing documents in an inverted color scheme” issue. Run Printer Troubleshooter Change Printer Settings Update Printer Driver Let us talk about them in detail. 1] Run Printer Troubleshooter The first thing you

Microsoft now allows you to transform Word documents into PowerPoint presentations

Microsoft today announced a new feature in Word that will allow you to transform Word documents into PowerPoint presentations. This feature is now available in Word for the web First Release users. When you use the new Transform feature, Word will create a presentation based on all the summarized sections of the document. It will also add imagery, icons, videos, themes, and fonts using AI. Here’s how you can use this feature: Open any document you want to convert into a presentation in Word for the web. Click File > Transform > Transform to PowerPoint presentation. When prompted, choose a design theme for your presentation. Click Open presentation to review

Don’t need to carry original documents for passport verification, govt approves DigiLocker support

The Ministry of External Affairs has launched the “Passport Seva Programme” by which Indian citizens who need to apply for a passport can submit documents required for passport verification via the DigiLocker app and won’t have to carry their original documents during verification. Union minister V Muraleedharan launched the programme which would enable the citizens to go paperless and this also speeds up the entire process of passport deliveries in India. “This has seen a sea change in the last six years. The monthly submission of applications has crossed the one million mark for the first time in 2017. I am told that more than seven crore passports have been

Microsoft Office’s dark mode now works in documents too

Microsoft on Tuesday announced a more extensive dark mode in Word. Previously, the program’s dark mode would only affect the ribbon and toolbars, but not the actual document. That all changes beginning today. “As we log long hours with our screens, it has become increasingly important to reduce eye strain and accommodate light sensitivity,” Microsoft said in a blog post. “Therefore, we’ve extended the Black Office theme to now include your document canvas as well. This has been a long-requested feature from many of Officer Insiders and we’re excited to make it happen.” The GIF below demonstrates what Microsoft’s more extensive dark mode looks like in Word. To access the