Intel Photoreal Enhancement ML project demoed in GTA V

Researchers at Intel labs have been looking at enhancing the realism of synthetic images. Stephan R. Richter, Hassan Abu Alhaija, and Vladlen Kolten recently published a research paper and accompanying demo video showing a new ML-based technique in action – changing the great but obviously synthetic graphics in GTA V to a much more realistic and photoreal experience. By loading the video, you agree to YouTube’s privacy policy.Learn more Load video Always unblock YouTube The new ML rendering method is described as enhancing the in-game graphics by leveraging a convolutional network that has been trained on the ‘Cityscapes dataset’. The results are clearly different and appealing in a real-world way.

Zoom is adding filters, appearance enhancement and background noise removal

Zoom is adding a number of new features to help improve the quality of your video calls including funky filters, skin smoothing options and more. If you feel like your Zoom calls aren’t quite cool enough or you could do with a little more help to be that bit more professional, then these updates should help. Firstly, Zoom is adding Snapchat like filters so you can add rabbit ears, a bushy moustache or some other hilarity to your video calls. Alongside these silly and playful filters, you can also add colour filters to your camera to make it look a little more interesting. Whether that’s just making your feed appear

Fenophoto is a free photo enhancement utility for Windows

Ever taken a picture of a beautiful landscape only for the result to be noisy or blurry? Before deleting the photo, you can try some tools to salvage some details. Fenophoto is a free photo enhancement utility for Windows that can transform an average looking snap into a good one. The layout of the interface is fairly simple, you have the photo viewer at the center with a toolbar at the top, and a side bar to the left. There is a help file that you can access by clicking on the instructions button. Learning to use the program is easy too, if you mouse over an element in the