How to Get All the New Cars in GTA Online: The Criminal Enterprises

Grand Theft Auto Online has received its latest update via Criminal Enterprises, and there’s plenty of new content to check out as a result. There are money-making opportunities to exploit, new weapons to wage war with, and a host of new vehicles to track down. That last point, in particular, can be tricky, though, and if you’re like most people, you’re probably looking for help to figure out how to get all the new cars in GTA Online: The Criminal Enterprises. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with this guide. How to Get Every New Car in GTA Online: The Criminal Enterprises There are five new cars available through GTA Online’s

GTA Online Summer Update REVEALED: Criminal Enterprises out next week | Gaming | Entertainment

Rockstar Games has today announced the GTA Online Summer Update, which is called Criminal Enterprises. The major new GTA patch is launching on Tuesday July 26 and brings with it a true-to-life scenario of heatwaves, high petrol prices, and supply chain problems in Los Santos creating chaos that criminals are trying to exploit. The update will bring with it new missions and changes to Criminal Careers as well as Contact Missions. Announcing the update, the official Rockstar Games Twitter posted: “The Southern San Andreas economy is in crisis. Gas prices have spiked to their highest levels in decades, supply chains are in turmoil, and a ferocious heatwave is gripping the

Security Driving Enterprises to Windows 10

  Microsoft made some bold claims about Windows 10 adoption around the time of its release in 2015. Remember the one billion installs by mid-2018? By July 2016, Microsoft admitted that it was unlikely to meet that target. That is not to say that Windows 10 is doing badly, however. Gartner is not known for making spot-on predictions. In 2015, it forecasted that 50 percent of businesses would start deploying Windows 10 by early 2017. This forecast was supported by surveys on Spiceworks. By July 2016, 38 percent of companies said they had already deployed Windows 10. These were mostly large businesses. Microsoft is keeping schtum about Windows 10 enterprise